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Friday 19 April 2024

AP Class 8 Summer Camp Activities 2024

AP Class 8 Summer Camp Activities 2024 Day-wise Action Plan

Class 8 SUMMER CAMP BOOK LET - సెలవుల్లో సరదాగా 2024

The summer camp booklet contains level appropriate activities for class 8th. The learning  outcomes are mapped with activities  and their page numbers.


S. No

Learning Outcome



Students will be able to define expanded

form and place values.

Collect the mobile numbers of your friends and write them in expanded

form (at least 10).


Students will be able to learn the sense of control and ability to


Write a short note on Superstition beliefs us


To develop social skills and self-confidence.

Imagine that you are a high school Headmaster    (HM),    how    do    you

make your school a good place for learning.


To develop

communicative and presentation skills.

List some rural vocation you like most and prepare a short note.


To develop analytical andresearch skills.

Visit two or three primary schools and compare the facilities.


To develop language skills.

Write a short story of your stay at grandparents’ house  during summer/ visit to a new place.


To develop the skills of classifying objects and creativity.

Maintain a scrapbook on any topic (flowers,   seeds, plants, feathers, coins, currency notes, stamps, soils etc).


To develop the creative use of language in literary texts.

Which season you like most and why (in about 10 sentences)?


To develop creative use of language writing.

Write a short paragraph  on  “how do you make your learning joyful in

your class room.



To develop arithmetic skills

Learn 1 to 20 tables from top to bottom.



To develop concentration and artistic expression.

Practice some traditional dance, folk dance, classical music, light music, folk songs etc.

-Practice myme (monoaction).



To develop vocabulary and communication skills.

Write a small telephonic conversation between    you    and    your    friends    /

relatives (Telugu / English).



To become aware of road safety and traffic rules.

When you visit a city or town observe the following:

Usage and obedience to traffic rules like wearing seatbelts, giving way to emergency vehicles, usage of footpath. Note down your observations in a notebook and share with your friends.



To develop drawing and measuring skills.

Visit village Primary Health Centre (PHC) in your village and draw a

route map from your home to PHC.



To develop creative writing.

Write about any place which you found beautiful and inspiring.



For health and well being

Practice     Yoga,      exercise,

suryanamaskars, etc.



To develop collection and creative skills

Collect stories from newspapers or magazines, cut those pages and paste it in a notebook to prepare your personal storybook.

Collect your family member’s pictures and prepare a family tree.



To develop empathetic and sympathetic skills.

Collect old clothes and other articles from villagers and donate them to

the needy (orphanages).



To develop socio- emotional skills.

Write the consequences of Wars and its affects on common man.



To develop drawing and measuring skills.

Draw a    model Kabaddi court with measurements by using colour pencils.


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