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Friday 19 April 2024

AP Class 6 Summer Camp Activities 2024

AP Class 6 Summer Camp Activities 2024 Day-wise Action Plan

Class 6 SUMMER CAMP BOOK LET - సెలవుల్లో సరదాగా 2024

The summer camp booklet contains level appropriate activities for class 6th. The learning  outcomes are mapped with activities  and their page numbers.

Learning Outcomes




To develop observing comparing, classifying skills and aesthetic values.

Go for a short walk and explore the nature by observing the plants in your surroundings / park / garden / farm and record your observations about the nutritive and medicinal value of the plants

with their names.



To develop the utility

values    of    resources and presentation skills

Prepare a selfie video - presentation on

importance of saving and conserving – electricity and water




To develop observing, comparing, classifying skills and aesthetic values.

Observe the different things living / non living around you like a bird, insect, frog, car, bicycle etc., and describe what they are doing, how they are moving, their eating habits (living) and the motion exhibited by them like rolling, crawling,

flying etc., (living and non living)




To develop aesthetic, scientific values and fine -motor skills.

Collect the pictures of different land forms like rivers, ponds, hills, valleys, rocks, fields, deserts, forests etc., from news papers / magazines and paste them in

your note book and write 1 / 2 sentences on each.



To develop the ability to express the language with good pronunciation and fluency.


Write any 4 tongue twisters in your note book and practice them to pronounce fluently.



To develop Socio- Emotional Skills and student participation with community.

Organize community services like Chalivendram (Free pot water distribution) in- front of your house for people, Birds and Animals during hot




To    develop reading skills and vocabulary

Write any 5 words which have different

meaning but with the same pronunciation (Homonyms).



To    develop   creative skills.

Prepare a greeting card with a message and present it to your parents / friends /

relatives on any important occasion.


To develop writing and reference skills.

Learn 5 English words everyday by using your dictionary and note down in your




To        develop        self assurance     and     self


Describe your “Daily routine” during summer holidays in about 10 sentences.


To develop arithmetic skills

Read, write and practice one

mathematical table - top to bottom and bottom to top



The student will be able to recognize various occupations and their values.

Write any 5 occupations which you see in your village and their importance to the public.



To develop creative skills.

Collect some unused/waste material in your home and make some simple items like face masks, finger puppets, hand puppets and etc. Making toys with egg shells, Groundnut shells, Coconut shells, sticks, seeds, sand etc.





To develop the Qualitative and quantitative  reasoning skills.

Identify the items made from economic and non-economic activities like home- made vs food purchased from outside; buying vegetables from market vs growing vegetables in kitchen  garden and compare the cost of the items.


To develop the drawing and estimation skills

Draw a route map to your school from your home.



To develop creativity and measurement skills.

Construct different figures / shapes using ear buds / match sticks and paste them in your note books and take their measurements.



To develop communication     and socio emotional skills

Help your parents and grandparents in doing their routine work. Make a video of

your experience on the above activities.



To develop human values and socio - emotional skills

Involve yourself in all household chores, Help your parents, neighbors and elders.


To    develop   creative and collecting skills.

Prepare a First-Aid Kit / box by using the materials available to you.




For health  and  well being

Do yoga, meditation and try to walk, run, jog daily for 15 minutes. Drink sufficient pure water. Try to consume a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, proteins, probiotics, milk.

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