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Friday 19 April 2024

AP Class 7 Summer Camp Activities 2024

AP Class 7 Summer Camp Activities 2024 Day-wise Action Plan

Class 7 SUMMER CAMP BOOK LET - సెలవుల్లో సరదాగా 2024

The summer camp booklet contains level appropriate activities for class 6th. The learning  outcomes are mapped with activities  and their page numbers.


S. N


Learning Outcome




To   develop  moral and aesthetic values.



To   develop socio- emotional skills.



To develop physical health

Practice yoga,  exercise, Surya Namaskaram etc. for 30 minutes daily.


To  develop   creative and writing skills.

Prepare an advertisement on “SUMMER CAMPS” in your school.



To develop respect and appreciation for others.

Collect the information on any success story (in any field) and write a short paragraph about him or her.


To develop thinking and creative abilities.

Draw a mind-map on any chapter you

like (all the concepts in the chapter to be mentioned in any subject)


To    develop   drawing and measuring skills.

Draw a   Model Cricket Court with measurements by using colour pencils.




To develop Creativity

Making the shapes of flowers, animals and other decorative designs' with fruits and vegetables (Vegetable carving).



To develop reference skills, dictionary skills and vocabulary

Write 5 sentences along with 5 words you learned in the week.

Revise the words of “Learn a word a day”




To develop reading and writing skills

Read the newspaper daily and note down any five news headlines in your notebook.

Read any book from your class or village library.


To develop arithmetic skills

Read, repeat, write and practice 1 to20 tables.




To bring awareness on harmful materials.

Play  some indigenous and indoor games like chess, carrom.

Prepare a chart about the list of traditional games and sports.



To develop Creativity and self help

How can you substitute plastic articles in your     home with sustainable and available materials.






To develop the traffic and safety rules.

Enact the duties of a traffic police at your home using your family members.

Guide the young children on traffic signals.

Observe the traffic for 5 minutes

and write your observations in 5 sentences.





To develop the drawing and estimation skills

Draw a route map from village bus stand to your home.

Make a model drawing of the village with    Important building, places and office using google maps.



Students will be able to understand and analyze the current events in


Interact with farmers and discuss about farming practices, challenges, procedures and reduction


To develop communication skills.

Self-talk of the child. Children will speak at least 10 lines about   the   nature  of   the   given object like Tree, Pet/ Domestic animals, Water, road, etc.




To develop the preservation and

conservation skills.

Discuss the steps to prevent water wastage with the people in your village (write a few points).









Students will be able to learn good and healthy habits.

Answer these questions and change yourself:

Are you blaming others?

i.  Are you behaving rude?

ii.  Are you wasting your time? Are you using mobile for a long time?

iv. Are you keeping your home work always in pending ?

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