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Wednesday 25 January 2023

AP Engineering Assistant Grade 2 Job Chart 2023

AP Engineering Assistant Grade 2 Job Chart 2023 AP Village Secretaries Revised Job Charts 2023 and Key Performance Indicators Released Job Chart of Village Functionaries - Job Chart of Engineering Assistant Grade-ll - Orders G.O.Ms.No.5 Dated: 25.01.2023

PR&RD Department- Establishment of Village Secretariat System in the State - General - Job Chart of Village Functionaries - Job Chart of Engineering Assistant Grade-ll - Orders - Issued.



G.O.Ms.No.5   Dated: 25.01.2023


Read the following:-

  1. G.O,Ms.No.151, PR & RD (Ell Dept. Dated 01-10-2019.
  2. G.O.Ms.No.642, PR & RD (El) Dept. Dated 07-7-2020.

Whereas the Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced the concept of NAVARATNALU as the core theme of governance in order to revamp the delivery systems of Government services with an aim to improve the living standards of the people. To achieve this objective in the Village Secretariat system, Government has taken up various Welfare Schemes, Services and Development programmes on an unprecedented scale. The Village & Ward Secretariats are the focal points that translate the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into local actionable tasks at the grass-root level and Government has provided a framework towards the objective of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), In the given context, it has become imperative that the Job charts are appropriately revised and the activities performed by the Village Secretariat functionary should be monitored on real time basis by the inspecting/ supervisory officers who will review their activities regularly and evaluate their performance periodically.


In light of these circumstances, Government after careful examination, hereby incorporate the following additional duties, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and functions to the post of Engineering Assistant-Gr.Il and also to extend the Job chart. The Inspection Format and Evaluation Format shall be assessed by concerned AE/AEE, RWS&S/ Mandal Engineering Officer (MEO), FRED in respect of Engineering Assistant Grade -II.


Section - I


Job chart of Engineering Assistant Grade -II includes the following functions of Village Secretariat:

1. Monthly monitoring report of works related to PR Engg. Dept./RWS&S Dept:
  • Engineering Assistant (EA) should maintain a register of list of works sanctioned with complete details of administrative sanction, technical sanction, agreement details & agency details under various grants under supervision of AE/AEE/MEO.
  • Inspection of site along with AE/AEE/MEO.
  • Grounding of works in time as per agreement conditions.
  • After getting Technical sanction from authority and after entrustment of the work to executing agency, the EA shall monitor the execution of the work in a transparent manner as per agreement conditions along with photograph of site visit and stage of works.
  • After completion of the execution of the work, the EA shall assist the AE/AEE/MEO, for taking work done measurements, so as to record the same in Measurement Book by AE/AEE/MEO.
  • Maintain value of work done, expenditure particulars, and payment details in a
  • Handing over of Assets to Gram Panchayat/ZP after completion of work.
  • Ensure FHTCs to every Household, create and maintain register for accounts which should reflect community contribution in terms of cash and/ or kind and/ or labour; cost towards construction; O&M costs/water tariff collection and incentive received in coordination with Village Water & Sanitation Committee (VWSC).
2. Daily monitoring of Operating & Maintenance of Water supply schemes (PWS Scheme / CPWS Schemes):
  • Engineering Assistant (EA) shall maintain register of total schemes (existing facilities- PWS/CPWS) in the habitation.
  • He/ She shall monitor the supply of drinking water in the village quantitatively & qualitatively along with the regular chlorination.
  • He/ She shall check of Residual free Chlorine in all the drinking water sources and public stand posts and in the distribution system.
  • He/ She shall monitor the cleaning of OHSRs once in every 15 days and shall note the cleaning date at the OHSR in a visible way to the public.
  • He/ She shall test the chemical quality of drinking water sources by using the Field Test kits.
  • He/ She shall ensure the collection & transportation of the water samples from the field to the nearest water testing laboratory, RWS&S Dept.
  • He/ She shall ensure the maintenance of platforms around the Hand pumps, with proper drainage system.
3. Monitoring of testing drinking water sources:
  • Engineering Assistant (EA) shall test the chemical quality of drinking water sources by using the Field Test kits.
  • He/ She shall screen the Microbiological quality of drinking water sources, public stand posts and in the distribution system with H2S vials - during the pre-monsoon, post monsoon seasons and out-break of epidemics, especially during the natural calamities and ensure corrective action.
  • All the sources shall be tested twice in a year (Pre-Monsson & Post Monsoon)
  • EAs should furnish the test results to concerned AE/AEEs, RWS and ensure updation in WQ-MIS website

 4. Redressal Status of Spandana grievances:

  • Engineering Assistant (EA) shall follow up action on the grievances received under Spandana' and others at GP level and they have to redress all the grievances within SLA duly uploading ATR in EAs login with acknowledgment to petitioner.
  • Main register of all grievances redressed within SLA/beyond SLA/ In progress

 5. Sanitary Surveys: 

  • Engineering Assistants should conduct sanitary surveys twice in a year (Pre- monsoon and Post monsoon) compulsory and in any emergency situation during outbreak of any seasonal diseases as directed by AE/AEE,
  • Engineering Assistant (EA) shall take measures to arrest the leakages and close the pit taps in the water distribution systems.
  • He/ She shall ensure the maintenance of good sanitation conditions around the drinking water sources, public taps and Hand pumps.
  • He/ She shall ensure the maintenance of platforms around the Hand pumps, with proper drainage system.
  • He/ She shall ensure that no stagnation of waste water around the drinking water sources and Hand pumps.
  • He/ She shall ensure that proper inspection for piped water with service

 Section -II

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Monitoring of Works related to RWS
  • Monitoring O86M of water supply schemes (PWS 86 CPWS)
  • Testing of Drinking water
  • Redressal of Spandana Grievances
  • Sanitary Survey
  • Identification of infrastructure required for GP
  • Monitoring & Execution of Civil Works
  • O& M of Civil Works
  • Monitoring of Asset Management (Registers/Records)

 Section - III


Designation of Functionary

Supervisory Officer


Engineering Assistant Grade - II

AE/AEE, RWS&S/ Mandal Engineering Officer (ME0), PRED


The concerned AE/AEE, RWS&S/ Mandal Engineering Officer (MEU), PRED shall visit the concerned Secretariat periodically to monitor the Performance of Engineering Assistant Grade - II on the above-mentioned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and few points mentioned below.

1. Proper Maintenance of Registers

2. Address the citizen in Decent Manner. 3.Personal Attire (Uniform, Badge, ID Cards etc)

Section - IV:

AP Engineering Assistant Grade 2 Job Chart 2023

The Ranking for Engineering Assistant Grade-II shall be given monthly as per the Scores on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) mentioned above.


The Commissioner, PR & RD, the Engineer-in-Chief, Panchayat Raj, the Engineer-in- Chief, RWS&S Dept. and all Collectors & Dist. Magistrates in the State shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly.


 Download G.O.Ms.No.5 Dated: 25.01.2023

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