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Wednesday 25 January 2023

AP Panchayat Secretary Job Chart 2023

AP Panchayat Secretary Job Chart 2023 AP Village Secretaries Revised Job Charts 2023 and Key Performance Indicators Released Job Chart of Village Functionaries - Job Chart of Panchayat Secretary- Orders G.O.Ms.No. 2 Dated: 25.01.2023

PR&RD Department - Establishment of Village Secretariat System in the State - General - Job Chart of Village Functionaries - Job Chart of Panchayat Secretary - Orders - Issued.



G.O.Ms.No.2  Dated: 25.01.2023.


Read the following: -

G.O.MS.No.149, PR&RD (MDL-l) Dept., Dated: 30-09-2019


Whereas the Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced the concept of NAVARATNALU as the core theme of governance in order to revamp the delivery systems of Government services with an aim to improve the living standards of the people. To achieve this objective in the Village Secretariat system, Government has taken up various Welfare Schemes, Services and Development programmes on an unprecedented scale. The Village & Ward Secretariats are the focal points that translate the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into local actionable tasks at the grass-root level and Government has provided a framework towards the objective of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the given context, it has become imperative that the Job charts are appropriately revised and the activities performed by the Village Secretariat functionary should be monitored on real time basis by the inspecting/ supervisory officers who will review their activities regularly and evaluate their performance periodically. In light of these circumstances, the revised Job chart, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Inspection Format and Evaluation Format by Mandal Supervisory Officers (MPDO) in case of Panchayat Secretary have been taken into consideration.


Section - I

Job chart of Panchayat Secretary, specifically includes all the following functions in Addition to the Job chart issued vide G.O.Ms.No.149 ,PR & RD(Mdl.l) Department, Dt.30.09.2019.


Administrative Functions

  • Panchayat Secretary shall act as Head of the Village Secretariat.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall coordinate the Functionaries and Gram Volunteers in the Village Secretariat and maintain demographic profile and schemes information.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall act as a Single Point of Contact for the Village Secretariat.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall act as a Liaison Officer between the Village Secretariat and other offices.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure filling up of the vacancies of the Gram Volunteers duly coordinating with the MPDO.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall assign the tasks / jobs to the Gram Volunteers as entrusted by the Government.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure that the Biometric / Facial recognition Attendance is duly marked by all the functionaries in the Village Secretariat.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall approve the Casual Leaves / Optional Holidays of All the functionaries in the Village Secretariat including Panchayat Secretary (Grade VI) (Digital Assistant), Engineering Assistant, Welfare & Education Assistant, Survey Assistant, Agriculture / Horticulture / Sericulture Assistant, Veterinary / Fisheries Assistant, Grama Mahila Police, Energy Assistant, ANM and Village Revenue Officer.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall forward all the leaves other than Casual Leaves and Optional Holidays of the Village Secretariat Functionaries to their respective Mandal I District Heads of the Department as per the existing Rules.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall make in-charge arrangements whenever a particular Functionary is on leave for a short period for receiving service requests / grievances.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure seamless delivery of services from Village Secretariats and make sure the remittance of service charges by the Digital Assistant in the Bank Account assigned.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall be responsible for maintenance of Movement Register, duly ensuring that All the Functionaries in the Village Secretariat shall record their
  • The Panchayat Secretary shall be responsible to implement Disciplinary proceedings on any of the Village Secretariat Functionaries taken by concerned line departments.
  • The Functionaries in the Village Secretariat shall give prior intimation to the Panchayat Secretary while attending the Mandal level / other meetings convened by the higher authorities of respective line Departments.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure wearing of uniform by the all the Village Secretariat
  • Panchayat Secretary shall assist the Higher Authorities during their inspections to the Village Secretariat by providing required information to them.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall act as the coordinator for activities related to service delivery and Government schemes.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure physical presence of all the Functionaries including Panchayat Secretary (Grade VI) (Digital Assistant), Engineering Assistant, Welfare & Education Assistant, Survey Assistant, Agriculture I Horticulture I Sericulture / Veterinary/Fisheries Assistant, Grama Mahila Police, Energy Assistant, ANM, Village Revenue Officer during Spandana hours at Village Secretariat on working days from 00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall monitor Spandana grievances and ensure redressal duly pursuing with the concerned Functionaries in the Village Secretariat.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure that all the required registers are being maintained in the Village Secretariat.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure safe custody and workable condition of all the hardware & furniture, shall keep updated records of the same and maintain the stock
  • Panchayat Secretary shall be the custodian of the mobile phone supplied to the Village Secretariat, ensure that the same is used only for official purpose (Biometric / Facial recognition attendance) and shall publicize the mobile number among the citizens.
  • Panchayat Secretary shall ensure. proper display of all posters and beneficiary lists including the ineligible applicant list as per the protocol prescribed by the GVWV & VSWS Department.

Functions under Community Welfare and Development (Sustainable Development Goals)

Panchayat Secretary shall prepare the Gram Panchayat Development Plan duly including the own resources, Grant-in-aid and other resources under various development and Welfare Schemes.


Gram Panchayat Development Plan shall be prepared in such a way to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

  1. SDG 1-No Poverty
  2. SDG 2-Zero Hunger
  3. SDG 3- Good Health and Well-Being
  4. SDG 4- Quality Education
  5. SDG 5-Gender Equality
  6. SDG 6- Clean Water and Sanitation
  7. SDG 7- Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. SDG 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. SDG 15- Life on Land
  10. SDG 16- Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  11. SDG 17- Partnerships for the Goals

Panchasyat Secretary shall include the measures, ways and means in the Gram Panchayat Development Plan to achieve the above Sustainable Development Goals in coordination with concerned Departments.

He / She shall conduct Gram Sabhas, meetings of Health, Sanitation Committees and small group meetings and to take all necessary steps to create awareness on sustainable Development goals.

Section — II

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Tax Collection
  2. Providing Safe Drinking Water
  3. Sanitation
  4. Streetlights
  5. Financial Accountability
  6. Removal of Encroachments
  7. Spandana Redressal
  8. Achievement of SDGs through GPDP
  9. Service Delivery
  10. Monitoring Village Secretariat Functionaries

Section - III


Designation of Functionary

Mandal Supervisory Officer


Panchayat Secretary

Extension Officer (PR&RD)


The Extension Officer (PR&RD) shall visit the concerned Secretariat periodically to monitor the Performance of Panchayat Secretary on the above-mentioned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and shall monitor certain parameters through online and few points mentioned below.

Online Monitoring

  • Maintenance of Bio-Matric Attendance of all functionaries.
  • Spandana Grievances Redressal
  • Uploading and updating GPDP in the portal
  • Swamitva Survey (Applicable to few GPs at present)
  • Sanitation through JSS APP
  • Updation of expenditure in e-Gram Swaraj

Physical Verification.

  • Maintenance of Records pertaining to Financial Accountability such as DCB, Cash Book Daily Cash Book, Receipts Register of Village Secretariat etc.,
  • Remittance of Cash and taxes collected in the treasury time to time
  • Infrastructure and maintenance of Village Secretariat.
  • Service Delivery systems and effectiveness in Service Delivery.
  • Village Cleanliness
  • Maintenance of Streetlights.
  • Arrangements made for receipt of applications/ grievances etc.


Section - IV


Key performance Indicator


Weightage for
Performance Score


Tax Collection

Tax Collected-cumulative / Total Demand of Tax *100



Providing Safe Drinking Water.

Number of HHs providing safe Drinking Water / Total HHs in the GP *100


Periodical testing of water quality

No. of times water quality tested / Target given by RWS*100



Maintenance of Street Lights

Number of Street lights working/ Total Number of Streetlights erected*100


4 (A)

Sanitation —

Door to Door Collection

No. of HHs from which is being collected daily / Total Number of HHs in the GP*100


4 (B)        

Functioning of SWPC Shed

Operation of End to End Process of Solid Waste Management  Length of Drains cleaned during the month/ Total length of Drains in the GP *100


4 (C)        

Maintenance of Drains and other liquid waste management

4 (D)       

Identification and clearing of Garbage in legacy dumps and

Number cleared / Number identified * 100



Financial Accountability

Tax and Fees remitted in Treasury / Total Tax and Fees Collected during the month *100


Proper maintenance of Records pertaining to Financial Matters



Spandana Redressal

No. of grievances redressed / Total Number of Grievances Received*100



Achievement of SDGs

No.of meetings conducted on SDGs/ Target fixed*100


Preparation of Action plan on SDGS and inclusion of SDGs in GPDP



Effective Service Delivery

Applications/ Requests addressed / Applications received under various Schemes *100



The Ranking for Panchayat Secretaries shall be given monthly as per the Scores on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) mentioned above.


The Commissioner of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Tadepalli, Guntur District shall take necessary further action accordingly.


 Download G.O.Ms.No.2 Dated: 25.01.2023

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