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Thursday 1 July 2021

Municipal Schools Online Classes - Time Table - Roles & Responsibilities of HMs, Teachers


Online Classes Time Table:

Timings & No. of Periods:

Sl. No.PeriodTimings
1Period-109.45 AM to 11.00 AM
2Period-211.00 AM to 12.00 PM
3Period-301.45 PM to 03.00 PM
4Period-403.00 PM to 04.00 PM

Weekly 24 periods for each class (VII to X Classes)

Sl. No.SubjectNo. Periods per
5Physical Science4
6Biological Science3
7Social Studies3

Note: Based on the above timings and No. of periods HMs are requested to prepare the time table in school wise and class wise accordingly and communicate the same to ULB cell.


Roles and Responsibilities:

A) State Education Cell:

 Coordinating with the Municipal Commissioner and ULB Education Cell and make sure all the Online Classes will commence from 5th July in all schools without fail. 

 Providing Technical Assistance to the Municipal Commissioners/Head Masters/Teachers/ULB Education Cell in conducting of online classes. 

 Providing Technical Assistance to the Municipal Commissioners/Head Masters/Teachers/ULB Education Cell in procurement of ZOOM online classes. 

 Identifying subject experts and developing class & subject wise contents and the same uploading in LMS module (School ERP) and also YouTube channel. 

 Monitoring and identification of active top performers from teachers and students and preparing appreciation list from State office and communicate the same to ULBs. 

 Tracking of Attendance of teachers and students in online classes in coordination with ULB Education Cell. 

 Guide the subject teacher in subject issues i.e., selection and teaching of topics, preparation of Assessment etc. 

 Verifying the content developed by the subject teachers before uploading in the LMS module. 

 Follow up with the subject teachers for conducting online classes as per schedule in coordination with ULB Education Cell.

B) ULB Education Cell:

 ULB Education Cell will coordinate with Municipal Commissioners & Head Masters and make sure to conduct online classes from July 5th 2021 in all UP & High Schools without fail and report to State Education Cell, if any issues in this regards. 

 Escalating school level issues to the Municipal Commissioners to overcome hurdles for conducting online classes. 

 Identify the best resources and conduct workshops to subject teachers at ULB level for better outcome online classes. 

 ULB Education Cell need to motivate parents and students through Head Master and Subject teachers and make sure good participation for online classes. 

 Collection of Daily Attendance in Class & School level and communicate the same to State Education cell without fail 

 Collect class wise screen shots of online classes and consolidate in a pdf and communicate every day to 

 ULB Education Cell need to visit all the schools and assist concern to conduct online classes in smooth manner.

C) Head Masters:

 The key role for conducting online classes in municipal school is Head Masters.

 Motivating parents and students and explaining them on importance of online classes in this pandemic situation (COVID 19) and make sure good participations of students on online classes.

 Prepare appropriate time table in class wise and communicate same to ULB Education cell and make sure no deviations while implementing the schedule.

 Assist teachers to create WhatsApp Groups for parents and students and communicate online classes timings and also links to concern subject teachers for better participations.

 Conduct meeting with all teachers and guide them how to conduct online classes and follow up of attendance, and also to conduct some assignments to students.

 Collect subject wise and class wise screen shots during online classes and communicate same to ULB cell.

 Track the daily attendance and communicate to ULB cell. 

D) Subject Teachers:

 Assist and guide the parents and students how to participate in Zoom online classes.

 Teachers are requested to participate in trainings for better implementations of online classes at school level.

 Sharing the best practices and content during the online classes to HM’s Best performers will be awarded.

 Create class wise WhatsApp Groups for students and communicate them timings of the classes, links of the classes and guide them how to join in online classes.

 Track the attendance during the classes and make sure good participation to their online class which may helps students for the better feature.

 Prepare best teaching content for conducting online classes. Best contents also identifies and will be awarded.

 Make sure online classes is supposed to be done in two way communication which may helps students for active participations (like ask me some questions appreciating active performers etc.)

 End of the day submit clear report to concern HM’s to overcome struggles for upcoming classes.

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