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Saturday 16 July 2022

AP MDM Bill Software

AP MDM Bill Software download for Primary, UP , High Schools MDM EXCEL SOFTWARES FOR CLASSES 1 to 5, CLASSES 1 to 8, CLASSES 3 to 10, CLASSES 6 to 10 including Ragi Malt Jaggery

AP MDM Bill Software AP-MDM-JAGANANNA GORUMUDDA EXCEL PROGRAMME SOFTWARES Prepared by Sri Ramanjaneyulu Perumal and by Sri C Ramanjaneyulu

Instructions for MDM Bill Software:

  • RECTIFIED Consolidation Sheet లో EGGS, CHIKKIS Count Decimals వచ్చేవి. ఇది Clear చేశాము.
  • MS EXCEL లో మాత్రమే USE చెయ్యాలి. WPS లేదా Google Sheets లో పనిచెయ్యదు.

AP MDM Bill Software by Sri RP Download
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