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Thursday 1 July 2021

GPF | ZPPF | PF Similar Funds Interest rates from April 2021 to June 2021 G.O.RT.No. 1590 Dated: 01-07-2021

Provident Fund - Interest rates on  General  Provident Fund (Andhra  Pradesh)  for  the subscribers of  GPF and other  similar  funds  at the rate of  7.1% (Seven point  One percent)  per  annum with effect  from  01.04.2021 to  30.06.2021  for  the year  2021-22 - Orders - Issued G.O.RT.No. 1590 Dated:  01-07-2021.  

Government  after  careful  examination of  the  matter  hereby  ordered  to adopt the rate  of  interest  at 7.1% (Seven point One  percent)  per  annum  for  the period  from 01.04.2021  to  30.06.2021  during  the year  2021-22  on  the  following Provident Funds and  other  similar  funds maintained  by  the  Government  of  Andhra Pradesh  on par with rates of  Government of  India. 

a. The  General  Provident Fund (Andhra Pradesh)  Rules1935 
b.  The  Electricity  Department  Provident  Fund  Rules. 
c. Emergency  Cut and  Compulsory  Saving  Rules, 1949. 
d.  Government Distilleries  Employees  Provident Fund e. Andhra  Pradesh Government  Life  Insurance Fund. 
f.  Andhra  Pradesh Employees  Welfare Fund  Rules. 

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