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Saturday 12 June 2021

Telangana TS State RPS 2020 - DA - Dearness Allowance - G.O.Ms.No.52 Dated: 11-06-2021

ALLOWANCES - Dearness Allowance - Recommendations of First Pay Revision Commission - Regulation in the Revised Pay Scales,2020 - Accepted - Orders - Issued G.O.Ms.No.52 Dated: 11-06-2021

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.26, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated:18.03.2015.
2. G.O.Ms.No.86, General Administration (Spl.A) Department, dated:18.05.2018.
3. G.O.Ms.No.36, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated:01.06.2019.
4. G.O.Ms.No.88, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated: 06.11.2019.
5. G.O.Ms.No.69, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated: 23.10.2020.
6. G.O.Ms.No.51, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated:11.06.2021.

O R D E R:
In the Government Order second read above, orders were issued constituting the 1st Pay Revision Commission. The Pay Revision Commission has submitted its report to the Government on 31.12.2020.
The Pay Revision Commission,inter alia, recommended the following on Dearness Allowance:
“The Dearness Allowance be regulated at 0.910% for the State Government Employees and Pensioners for every one percent (01%) of Dearness Allowance sanctioned to the Employees and Pensioners of Government of India with effect from 01.01.2019”.

Government have accepted the above recommendation of the Pay Revision Commission. Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the Dearness Allowance to the State Government Employees shall be regulated @ 0.910% for every one percent (01%) of Dearness Allowance sanctioned to the Employees and Pensioners of Government of India, with effect from
01.01.2019. www.gsrmaths.in

The Dearness Allowance already sanctioned in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015, vide Government Orders 4th and 5th read above shall be regulated in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020 as under:

These orders are applicable to:

a) All employees of the State Government;
b) All employees of the Local Bodies and Aided Institutions including Aided Polytechnics, who are drawing pay in a regular pay scale in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020, and
c) The Work-charged establishment who are drawing pay in a regular pay scale in the Revised Pay Scales of 2020.

These orders are not applicable to:- 

a) Employees who opt to remain in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015;
b) Teachers working in the Universities, Affiliated Degree Colleges both under Government and Aided management who are drawing pay in the Revised UGC/ICAR/AICTE Pay Scales; and
c) All India Services Officers.
d) Higher Judicial Service and State Judicial Service employees who are governed by the First National Judicial Pay Commission and subsequent pay revisions.

The Dearness Allowance shall be claimed along with the pay fixation in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020 and the Dearness Allowance already sanctioned in the Government Orders issued vide reference 4th and 5th read above, shall be notionally adjusted up-to 31.3.2020. The arrears from 1.4.2020 to 31.3.2021 shall be paid at the time of superannuation of the Government employee or to the legal heirs in case of demise of the employee. 

The arrears for the period from 01.04.2021 to 31.05.2021, will be paid during the financial year 2021-22. The revised rates of Dearness Allowance shall be paid along with the salary in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020 from the month of June, 2021 payable in the month of July,2021.

Download TS State RPS 2020 DA G.O copy

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