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Saturday 5 June 2021

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Reconciliation of cement invoices and indents - Instructions, Issues-Solutions

Circular no: 1421270/MBNN/2021 Date:05/06/2021
Sub: Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - reconciliation of cement invoices and indents - certain instructions issued- regarding

Ref: Arising.

Cement for Nadu Nedu was supplied by Cement companies in the State. In the initial periods before the cement companies started supply, some cement was purchased from the local market. During the completion stage, small quantities were procured locally again as the minimum quantity the cement
companies supply is not less than 450 bags.

There are a lot of issues coming up in reconciliation of the supplies and invoices and payments and the cement companies have been pursuing the department to settle these issues. At the same time the schools are not able to close the works though they are closed physically and fnancially because certain
invoices are shown pending in STMS.

Hence the following case wise instructions are issued to settle the issues related to cement indents, invoices and payments:

Case 1: Certain dispatches of cement were made for more than one school but only one invoice was raised on one school.
Solution: The Headmaster upload the invoice to the extent of total quantity dispatched to his school and the other HMs can upload the same invoice to the extent of the quantity received by him. Here we should note that one invoice can be used by number of schools upto the total quantity of the invoice quantity.
Case2: There are some cases where (for example) invoice is raised for 100 bags but cement was released and dispatched to the extent of 80 bags only. Further balance cement will not be supplied by the company.
Solution: The invoice shall be uploaded for 80 bags only and closed. Please note that the cost of the each cement bag is Rs 235 including GST and all taxes and transportation.
Case 3: There are certain invoices raised by companies but the cement was not received by the school.
Solution: These invoices should be cancelled at APC level duly talking with cement suppliers. For this purpose, a window will be given to APC in STMS.
Case 4: There are some cases where the cement meant for Nadu- Nedu is diverted to other works of NREGS/other schemes.
Solution: In such cases those invoices shall be identified and given to mandal engineer and ask him to book to that work.

The Program Director shall write a letter to MD, AP STC to close down all the indents in YSR Nirman portal, against which part quantities are supplied.

TEO (material) system also can be used wherever it is relevant to settle the material expenditure between two schools where cement is given on loan etc.

The Program Director MBNN and Joint Director Infra shall form a cell and make calls to HM s and Mandal engineers and sort out further issues.

All the Joint Collectors, DEOs, APCs and Executive Engineers shall take necessary action accordingly and settle the cement issues at an earliest.

Download Nadu Nedu Cement issues Circular

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