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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Admission of In-service B.P.Ed Course for Physical Education teachers 2020-21 to 2021-22

Rc.No. ESE02/22/44/2019-APDSC-CSE, Dated:26/05/2021 SE -Training - Admission of In-service B.P.Ed Course for Physical Education teachers in the State during the Academic year 2020-21-2021-22 Orders - Issued.


1. G.O.Ms.No.14, Education (SE-Trg) Department, Dated: 1-01-2008.
2. G.O.Rt.No.121, Education (SE-Trg) Department, Dated: 27.09.2008. 
3.71 application Received from the District Educational Officers, in the State.


In accordance with the provisions contained in the reference 1 st and 2 nd read above, the In-service Physical Education Teachers shown in the respective college wise annexure appended to these proceedings are permitted for admission into B.P.Ed. Course in the Colleges of Physical Education in the State as noted against their names for the academic year 2020-2022 to undergo training at their own cost, duly applying for leave to which they are eligible, subject to fulfillment of relevant rules prescribed by the Universities concerned for this purpose. The candidates should not seek for relief during the middle of the course. They should be relieved only after completion of the course. Where ever there are special provisions for SC/STS, they should be extended to the eligible in-service teachers as per rules. However, for this purpose they have to fulfil the relevant conditions, which are to be scrutinized and decided by the respective District Educational Officers on the merits of each case.

All the In-service Physical Education Teachers shown in respective college wise annexure are directed to report to the Principals of the concerned Colleges of Physical education on or before 31.05.2021 along with their original certificates relating to Educational Qualifications etc., for verification and for admitting them into B.P.Ed., training course immediately.

The In-service Physical Education Teachers are informed that the allotment of seats as per their respective college wise annexure final and no requests / representations for transfer of allotment from one college to other college shall be entertained. In case, the Physical Education Teachers shown in the college wise annexure fail to avail this allotment, they will not be considered in future.

The District Educational Officers are requested to issue necessary instructions to the Head Masters to relive the individuals so as to enable to join them in the concerned College of Physical Education and report compliance.

The Principals of the concerned Colleges of Physical Education are requested to verify the original certificates of the individuals and admit them, only after fulfilling the conditions, with reference to relevant admission rules, qualifications etc. They are also requested to intimate the date of joining of the candidate to the Director without fail.

List of Applications (PETs) In-Service B.P.Ed Training 2020-2021 to 2021 -2022 available in the link given below.

Download proceedings, List of PETs

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