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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Collection of fees by the Educational institutions - Instructions

Collection of fees by the institutions - Instructions to DEOs
Memo.No.SPLI  APSERMC/2021 Dated:24.05.2021

Sub:- APSERMC - Certain instructions to all the District Educational Officers in the  State regarding the collection of fees by the institutions - Issued -  Reg.

Read:- Orders of the  Hon'ble Supreme Court and the Hon'ble High Court.
All  the  District  Educational Officers in  the State are hereby directed, to observe whether the  institutions are disallowing the students  to attend  the  online classes  on the  ground fees  payable have  become due.  If it is  true,  it is in violation of the  orders of the  Hon'ble  Supreme court and the  Hon'ble  High  Court. The Supreme Court further  held  that  the institutions shall  also  keep in mind the  fact that   the  expenses will be less  in the context of providing only  online classes.  So the  institutions  have  to collect less  fees than  the prescribed fees.

Further, the Apex Court directed the institutions not to collect any other fees for the facilities which are  not  provided by  them. The  institutions therefore shall not disallow the students to attend online classes  citing fee dues or any other ground.

The District Educational  Officers in  the  State  are directed to take immediate action against managements of  the institutions which disallow  the students to the online classes.

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