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Sunday 11 April 2021

Suspected and Confirmed positive COVID 19 Treatment under Dr YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust - Further Guidelines and Directions

Circular No.Dr YSRAHCT/COVID-19/1365 -NP/2020, dt: 10.04.2020

Dr YSRAHCT COVID-19 - Inclusion of certain procedures under the schemes of Dr YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust to treat the cases of Suspected and Confirmed positive COVID - 19 - Further Guidelines and Directions - Reg.


1. Circular Dr YSRAHCT/P&C/COVID-19/DrYSRAS/2020, dt: 11.03.2020. 
2. GO.RL.No.215, Health, Medical & Family Welfare (B2) Dept., dt: 24.03.2020. 
3. GO.MS.No.51, Health, Medical & Family Welfare (1) Dept., dt: 06.04.2020.

With reference to the subject cited above, the Government have issued orders including certain procedures to treat COVID - 19 suspected and confirmed stable and unstable cases under the said procedures on request made by the Local Health Authorities or under intimation to the Local Health Authorities duly following the safety precautionary measures while treating such patients.

In this regard, all the Network hospitals empanelled under the scheme are instructed to take up the COVID 19 suspected and confirmed cases with the procedures enlisted to the G.O. Further, it is requested to note the following points

  • New Specialty Epidemic Disease is created with the code M14. 
  • Under the said specialty, COVID 19 has been added as the Sub category.
  • All the enlisted procedures have been added under this COVID -19 Sub Category
  • This new specialty is mapped, by default, to all the Network hospitals. 
  • The non empaneled private hospitals if declared as COVID 19 hospitals by the State or by the respective District Collector & Magistrate are also eligible to treat the COVID - 19 cases under the scheme. The District Coordinators should coordinate with the Trust for empanelment of such hospitals. 
  • If any NWH utilises the sources of Government like PPE, Drugs, etc.. they are not allowed to claim the same under the scheme.
  • If NWH utilises its own PPEs, then NWH has to submit the register of PPEs showing daily usage, detailed bill of PPES. The District Coordinators has to verify and raise a flag for such cases. 
  • The provision to enter result of the screening and confirmative test has been provided at the time of discharge of the case. 
  • For all the confirmed cases, the test has to be done at the time of discharge i.e., 14 days from the date of admission ix.
  • If any sample is found negative in screening test, the confirmative test is not required.
  • The testing cost as per the guidelines of the ICMR along with the PPE, handling, package charges will be paid and the transport charges will be paid additionally up to a maximum amount of Rs. 1000/- for the samples sent the labs located outside the State and up to a maximum of Rs. 200/ for the samples sent to the labs located within the State.
  • The package cost mentioned in the GO will be applicable only for the patients admitted under COVID - 19 category not for others. xii. While discharging the cases, NWH has to upload COVID - 19 test report. If the case is still positive at the time of discharge, another preauthorization can be raised for the required procedure.
  • If any patient expired during the treatment period then the claim will be settled for the treatment given till that day
  • If these new procedures performed in the Govt, hospitals, the stay, PPE, testing costs will not be admissible in claims.
  • Irrespective of the financial status, the NWH has to provide the treatment under the respective schemes of Trust like Aarogya Raksha, EHS, WJHS, etc. In case of the patients not having health cards of the schemes being implemented by the Trust, the CMCO referral option has been given to the District Coordinators for issue of CMCO letters.
  • The District Coordinators are allowed to issue CMCO letters to the COVID 19 suspected and confirmed patients based on the list provided by the District Health authorities even though no ID card is available with the patients.

Hence, all the NWHs are instructed to note and follow the above guidelines scrupulously while treating such patients and should be cautious while entering the details which were provided for these new procedures and while raising the Claim. The District Coordinators are instructed to circulate the guidelines to all the NWHS and ensure the strict implementation of the guidelines.

Download Covid 19 treatment guidelines

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