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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Procurement of Peanut Jaggery Chikki to the School Children under Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM) Scheme - Instruction

Memo.No. ESE02-27021/132/2019-MDM -CSE Dt:03/12/2020 AP-School Education-MDM-Procurement of Peanut Jaggery Chikki to the School Children under Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM) Scheme- Finalization of Tenders-Certain-Instruction Issued-Reg. 

Ref: Surprise visits conducted by the Director, Mid-Day Meal & School Sanitation.

The attention of the District Educational officers in the State is invited towards the supply of Chikkis.

It is informed that, the agreement has been signed with the supplier and there are certain conditions in the agreement regarding the quality, quantity, timely supplies, inspections & laboratory tests. The District Educational Officers are instructed to issue instruction to the Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal Educational Officers & Head Masters on the following:

1. Reject the supply, if the quality of the Peanut Jaggery Chikki is not good
2. Reject the supply if the Logos of Government of India, Government of AP, FSSAI nutritional value, date of packaging and expiry date are missing in the packing.
3. It should be ensured that all the carton boxes are bar coded. If there is no bar coding, the supplies are to be rejected. 
4. It is instructed to send samples of the chikkies to the Accredited laboratories and action will be initiated against the supplier based on the report from the laboratories.
5. Stop Payments if the quality is not good, but the supplier didn't take back and replace with the good quality. 
6. If the supply is not done with stipulated time, penalty is to be imposed as per the tender conditions.

Further, the following are the Committees Constituted with the members to check the quality/quantity of the Peanut Jaggery Chikki:

I. State Level:- 

1. Additional Director (Chairman) 
2. DEO concerned (Member) 
3. DY.EO concerned (Member)

II. Mandal Level: 

1. MEO concerned (Chairman) 
2. Senior most HM in the mandal
3. Two chairpersons of the parents committee in the mandal (to be nominated by the MEO)

III. School Level:

1. HM concerned (Chairman) 
2. Educational welfare Assistant 
3. Chairman and Vice chairman of the Parents committee (Member)

These HM level committees shall check the supplies, while being received and enter their initials in the register meant for this. Likewise, the Mandal Level Committees shall randomly check the supplies of the Chikki in school through random inspections and enter their remarks and initials in the register of meeting/registers meant for that purpose.

The District Educational Officers are informed that serious observations were made by different audit teams and inspections by the higher authorities of the School Education Department about the lack of proper packing with details, Impurity of Jaggery, lack of bar coding and delay of supplies. Hence, the District Educational Officers are instructed to direct the Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal education Officers and Head Masters to strictly follow the instructions scrupulously without any deviation, as the Chikki are the directly consumables Items by the children and any untoward incidents will affect the health of the Children

The District Educational Officers are instructed to take disciplinary action against the HMs/officials who fail to follow and take corrective action against the suppliers, if any of the above instructions is not followed.

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