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 Tentative Seniority lists           Grievances on Seniority List

➧All Districts Seniority Lists-SGT/LP/PET/S.A For Transfers 2017

➧Vacancies-All Districts

➧Rationalization Lists-School wise No.of posts

All Districts School wise Roll Particulars For Rationalization and Web options 2017 As per U-DISE 2016-17

➧Category IV Schools-All Districts


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Uploading of certificates

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➧All Certificates For AP Teachers Transfers
➧How to Get APeKx-AP Subject Forum Certificate of Registration
Download Manual Online Application for AP Teachers Transfers
➧Online Transfer Application Form-Step by Step process to be followed for filling

Transfers-Performance points- G.Os,Norms and Clarifications

➧Clarification on counselling schools having NCC units RC.190 dated.22.07.2017
➧Implementation of G.O.Ms.No.50 PH not less than 40% in transfers RC.No.190 Dated:21.07.2017
➧Observers-Transfers-Rc.190-Estt.III-2017  dt.21-07-2017 
➧PH not less than 40% OH-VH-HI eligible for preferential - G.O.MS.No.50 Dated: 20-07-2017
➧AP Teachers Transfers 2017 - Latest Schedule - Instructions  Rc.No.190, dt.18.07.17
Clarifications on opting in the same gram panchayat - previous station points - Rc.190 dated.17.07.2017 
Uploading vacancies 190  dt.14-07-2017 
Clarification on Those teachers who are shifted due to rationalization 2011/2013 Rc.190, Dt.13.7.17
Clarification on teachers effected in rationalization 2011/2013 , Surplus Govt teachers,LPs,PETs Rc.190,dt.12.07.2017
➧Clarifications on Spouse opting place -CCE - MDM - APeKX - Service points Rc 190 dt.11.07.17
➧Latest Clarifications on AP Teachers Transfers Rc.No.190,dated.05.07.2017
➧Transfers Schedule-Counselling dates-Counselling Procedure Rc 190 dt.03.07.2017
➧Transfers New Rules-Guidelines amendment G.O.MS.No.43 dated.30.06.2017
Latest clarifications as per G.O 38 RC.No.190/Estt-III/2017 Date:21-06-2017
AP Teachers Transfers New Rules amendment G.O 38 dated.21.06.2017
Transfer points calculation software updated as per New G.O 32
➧Arrange facilities for Transfers 190 dt. 15-06-2017
➧AP Teachers Transfers Revised schedule/web options/Online application Rc.No.190,Dated: 14.06.2017
➧G.O.MS.No 31,AP Teachers|Head Masters Transfers 2017-Rules-Guidelines-Entitlement-Performance points
AP Teachers Transfers Norms and Guidelines Amendment G.O.MS No. 32 Dt. 4.6.17
Clarification on Category 1 Points Rc.190,dt.10.6.2017
Clarifications on Upgraded posts,Spouse,CCE marks and other performance points Rc.190 dt.08.06.17
Clarifications on Performance points in AP Teachers Transfers by C & DSE 07.06.2017
Clarifications on U -DISE Data,Retired,DEO pool teachers and so... Rc.190 dt.06.06.17
➧G.O 32 communicated 190-Estt.III-2017 05-06-2017

Rationalization G.Os,Norms,Clarifications,Lists

➧Norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff clarifications Rc.4102 dt.07.07.17
➧Norms for Rationalization of Schools-Clarifications Rc.No.4102,dt.30.06.17
➧Norms for Rationalisation of Schools Amendment G.O.MS.No.42,dated.30.06.2017
Instructions and Revised Time schedule -Rc.4102 Dt.18-6-2017
G.O.MS.No.29-AP Teachers Rationalization Norms/Rules 2017 For Primary/Up/High Schools
AP Schools Rationalization Norms–Further Orders G.O.MS No 33 dated 04.06.2017
Norms,Schedule for Rationalization of Schools-Instructions by C & DSE on April 24 Rc.No.4102 dt.24.04.17
Norms for Rationalization of Schools-Clarifications on May 30 Rc.No.4102,dt.30.05.17
Norms for Rationalization of Schools-Clarifications on June 10 Rc.No.4102,dt.10.06.17
Norms for Rationalization of Schools-Clarifications on June 05 Rc. No.4102,dt.05.06.17
➧Norms for Rationalization  of Schools-Clarifications on June 17 Rc.No.4102,dt.16-06-2017

GO 39 to 51 all 13 dists MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL
GO 42 guntur model primary schools
GO_RT245 2015SE Setting up of Model Schools at Block Level