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Thursday 15 December 2022

Implementation of CPS to AP Model Schools Employees Modification

Implementation of CPS to AP Model Schools Staff Modification AP Model School Employees CPS deduction code 2143_CPS_GIA_AIDED_EDN_INST

NPS - AP Model Schools Society - implementation of CPS to staff of AP Model Schools - proposed modification - take necessary action - Instructed - Reg.   Cir. Memo. No. FIN02-160134/4/2020-F SEC-DTA, dt: 15/12/2022


1. Lr.No.ESE02-11021/337/2019-Model School, dt:22.07.2021.
2. Memo No.14773/Prog.I/A1/2014, dt:29.06.2021 of School Education Dept.
3. Lr.No.ESE02-11021/337/2019-Model School-CSE, dt:02.07.2021.
4. Lr.No.FIN02-160134/4/2020 – F SEC-DTA, dt:26.07.2021.
5. A mail received from APCFSS Authorities on 30.11.2021.
6. Lr.No.FIN02-160134/4/2020-F SEC-DTA; dt:13/12/2021
7. Rc.No:426/CPS/APMS/2013,dt:17-06-2022 from the Commissioner of School Education Department.
8. Lr. No. FIN02-160134/4/2020-F SEC-DTA, dt: 15/12/2022


Attention of all the DTAOs in the State is invited to the subject cited and it is to inform that the deduction code 2143_CPS_GIA_AIDED_EDN_INST inserted in HRMS on 17.11.2021 was made disabled the procedure stated in reference 6th cited could not be implemented due to technical reasons. And therefore, for crediting CPS Subscriptions to AP Model School Staff, following procedure shall be adopted.


Following procedure has to be adopted from salary bills claimed in Dec’2022 paid in Jan’2023:

  1. Employee share amount deducted in salary bill, shall be shown under Non-Government deductions.
  2. Subsequent employer share amount shall be drawn under GIA allowances (060-062) in same salary bill.
  3. From Gross amount, both shares shall be deducted under Non-Government Deductions, which adjusts to Current Account of respective DDO.
  4. After crediting amount to DDOs, they shall take necessary action for crediting CPS subscriptions of the employees of AP Model Schools.
  5. As a State Autonomous Body, CPS subscriptions shall be uploaded by the AP Model School itself.


Further the DDOs should not update, the CPS deduction in Master Data at time of preferring the salary bill. If any updation is noticed regarding CPS, bill has to be returned.


And, in respect of employee share amount deducted from Dec’2021 to Nov’2022, it is noticed that, CPS amount deducted from employees of AP Model School Staff in 2021-22 F.Y i. e from Dec’2021 to Mar’2022 was adjusted to HoA:8342001170105001003 VN and in 2022-23 F.Y from April’2022 to Nov’2022 was adjusted to HoA: 8342001170005001000VN (As proposed in BE 2022-23), therefore Alteration Memoranda have to be preferred by respective treasury officer for adjusting CPS amount from HoA:8342001170105001003 VN to HoA: 8342001170005001000VN under DDO Code:27030702003 of CRT for the bills drawn from Dec’2021 to Mar’2022.


After adjusting total amount to HoA: 8342001170005001000VN under DDO Code:27030702003 of AP CRT, the respective amount shall be transferred by the DTA to the SAB AP Model School DDO Current Account.


For drawl of employer share from Dec’2021 to Nov’2022:

  1. Respective DDOs has to prefer a single arrear bill under 060-062 for the total period according to monthly claim duly adjusting the employer share amount to their DDO Current Account. And a Certificate to that effect shall be furnished to the treasury Officer stating that subsequent employer share has preferred in single arrear bill by the DDO concerned.
  2. After crediting employer share amount to the DDO Current Account, they shall transfer that amount to AP Model Schools SABs Current Account.
  3. The DDO of AP Model School SAB, shall transfer the amount to NPS Trust for crediting CPS Subscriptions of their staff.

Therefore, all the DTAOs are instructed to take necessary action for resolving the issue at an early date.


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