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Monday 19 September 2022

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Apply Online website

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Apply Online website AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Online Transfers Application @ Know your transfer password Teachers Transfers 2022 - Upload Certificates AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Latest News How to Apply AP Teachers Transfers Web Options, User Manual Download at AP Teachers Transfers 2022 online application, vacancies, seniority lists for SGT, SA, PSHM, HM Gr-II at

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Apply Online website

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Apply Online website has been launched by CSE Commissioner of School Education AP. All teachers SGT, SA, Gr-II HM, LP who are seeking for transfers 2022 with minimum zero years of completion as can apply AP Teaches Transfers 2022 through online web portal Gr-II HM, who are completed 5 years, Teachers SA, SGT and their equivalent cadres who are complete 5 Academic years in the school, have to apply to apply transfers compulsory.

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Online Application and Process for Web Counselling:

i. The Head Masters/teachers shall apply for transfer in the prescribed online services for web-based allotment at

ii. Only online applications received through the website shall be considered for transfer and processed further. Under any circumstances, no physical application shall be entertained.

iii. After completion of the online submission, the applicants shall thereafter obtain the printout of the application from the specified website and submit the same duly signed to their respective authorities, viz., Mandai Educational Officer/Head Master High School/Deputy Educational Officer, as the case may be.

Note - Submission of Hard copies is only for verification purposes and shall not be processed for transfer.

iv. The Headmaster (Gr. II) / Teacher who is eligible as per the criteria prescribed in guideline 2 may apply online through the website specified for the purpose in the prescribed proforma and the particulars furnished in the proforma shall be final and no modification shall be allowed.

v. An applicant seeking to apply under the Preferential categories/spouse category shall also upload and submit the latest certificate from the competent authority in this regard as mentioned in Note 1 of Guideline NO.8 along with the application.

vi. After receipt of applications, the authorities concerned shall display the provisional seniority lists and call for objections if any. After redressing the objections/grievances, the authority shall display the final seniority along with the entitlement points on the website/notice board.

vii. Once the Headmaster (Gr.ll)/Teacher applies online it shall be final. No teacher is allowed to apply multiple times online.

The Headmaster (Gr.JI)/Teacher who is compulsorily transferrable under guideline 2 should select all options.

If any Headmaster (Gr.ll)/Teacher who is compulsorily transferable under guideline 2 does not apply online and exercise his/her options shall be transferred to the available leftover needy vacancies in category III & IV schools, apart from taking disciplinary action deemed fit.

ix. Any Headmaster (Gr.ll)/ Teacher who is unde'r compulsory transfer and does not apply /submit his/her transfer application, a serious view will be taken against the Teacher/H.M./M.E.O and Dy.EO and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated as per rule (20) of AP CCA Rules.

AP Teachers Transfers 2022 Receipt and disposal of Objections / Grievances:

  • Objections if any in respect of the seniority list and entitlement points published as per guideline 5 may be filed online by any applicant together with evidence in support of such objection within the time specified for this purpose in the schedule.
  • The District Educational Officer / Regional Joint Director of School Education, as the case may be, shall cause verification of all objections and pass orders disposing of the same. In cases where objections are upheld, the District Educational Officer/ Regional Joint Director of School Education shall cause the necessary corrections in the seniority list and publish the same on the website.
  • Failing of redressing the objection by the competent authority, disciplinary action will be initiated as per rule (20) of AP CCA Rules.
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