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Monday 19 September 2022

AP MDM Cook-Cum-Helpers Appointment - Norms Guidelines

AP MDM Cook-Cum-Helpers Appointment - Norms Guidelines PM POSHAN - Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid day Meal) - Cook-Cum-Helpers in Schools - Instructions - Reiterated 

Memo.No.1845679/MDM/2022 Dated: 19/09/2022

Sub: School Education Dept., - PM POSHAN - Jagananna Gorumudda (Mid day Meal) - Cook-Cum-Helpers in Schools - Instructions - Reiterated - Regarding


1. The Govt., of India guidelines vide Lr.F.No.1-1/2009-Desk(MDM), dated. 24.11.2009.
2. G.O.Ms.No.117 School Education(Ser-II) Dept., Dt.10.06.2022.
3. G.O.Ms.No.128 School Education(Ser-II) Dept., Dt.13.07.2022.

The District Education Officers in the State are aware that Government of India issued guidelines in the reference 1st read above wherein the norms were issued with regard to position of the Cook-Cum-Helpers along with food norm, cooking cost etc., prescribing the following norm for Classes I to VIII in Schools:

i. One Cook-Cum-Helper :: up to 25 students 

ii. Two Cook-Cum-Helpers :: 26 to 100 students

iii. One additional Cook-Cum-Helper:: for every addition of up to 100 students.

Further informed that as per the National Policy of Education 2020, the State Government vide in the G.Os reference 2nd and 3rd read above, restructured the design of education as 5+3+3+4 and issued orders restructuring it as (i)Foundation Schools (PP1, PP2, 1 and 2nd classes) (ii)Foundation Plus Schools (PP1, PP2, Class1 to 5) and (iii)Pre-High School (3 to 8) (iv)High Schools (3 to 8/3 to 10) duly re-apportioning the teaching staff under various managements. The exercise has been completed . In this exercise, the enrollment might have increased/decreased in certain schools, which DEOs are aware of. GSR INFO

Therefore, all the District Education Officers in the State are hereby reminded to take necessary action to position the Cook-Cum-Helpers under Jagananna Gorumudda (Midday Meal Scheme) strictly as per the norms/guidelines of Government of India, New Delhi reference 1st read above.

If any deviation in the above instructions, the concerned District Educational officers will be held responsible and hence, care is to be taken in positioning the Cook-Cum-Helpers based on children enrollment in schools mentioned above.

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