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Monday, 4 July 2022

AP Teachers Dairy Model Formats

AP Teachers Dairy Model Formats for Primary, Foundation, UP, High Schools, Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, EVS, Physical Education Literacy

Teachers diary is an individual book maintained by all the teachers in school to record critical 
observations that they observed in the classroom. Teachers’ diaries help to design activities for the lesson plans. This is one of the integral records that teachers have to maintain regularly to keep track of learning experiences in the classroom.


  • Keep track of students ‘participation and reflection in the classroom.
  • Record ideas and events of all the classroom activities so as to reflect on them later
  • Help teachers identify the challenges within the classroom and trigger insights into teaching.

Time Period: Teacher diary is written after completion of each chapter.

Things to be included in Diary:
  1. Reflections and challenges specific to class as a whole, or any student ( Innovative Ideas, Creative questions, Smart responses of students may be recorded).
  2. Details of student participation, any accomplishments, students needs, steps for any remedial classes if required
  3. Integration of Art, Craft, Play based
  4. Additional Notes on contemporary knowledge relating to the
Teacher Guidelines:
  1. Teacher has to maintain a separate personal book for writing the teacher’s
  2. At the end of every instructional day, teachers have to write highlights of the
  3. While reading newspapers, magazines, watching TV programs, note any relevant information to the subject
  4. While writing the diary, teachers have to follow the template given
Teachers Diary Template:




Period No



Observations& challenges

(Class/Child specific if any)

Plan of action for next class


Teachers Dairy for all teachers   Model 1   Model 2

Teachers Dairy for Maths Teachers  Model 1  Model 2   Model 3

Teachers Dairy for all teachers   Model 1   Model 2
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