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Sunday 20 February 2022

AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs for all employees of Secretariat and Head of Departments

AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs for all employees of Secretariat and Head of Departments Public Services-Government Employee - Implementation of 11th PRC - Revied Pay Scales 2022 - House Rent Allowance (HRA) - Revised  Orders - issued

G.O. M.No.28 dated: 28.02.2022

Read the following:

1.GO.Ms.No.48, Finance (HRV-PC D) Department, dated 30-04-2015 
2.G.O.Ms.No. 101, Finance (HR VI-TFR-AAL-TA-HRA) Department, 07-06-2016
3.G.O.Ms.No. 98, Finance (HR VI-ARL-TA-MSPA) Department, dated 20-06-2017. 
4.G.O.Ms.No.106, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 06-07-2018.
5.G.O.Ms.No.62, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 19-07-2010 
6.G.O.Ms.No.73, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 30-03-2020.
7.G.O.Ms No.52, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 31-07-2021.
8.G.O.Ms.No.1, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 17-01-2023.
9.G.0.Ms. Na. 12, finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 29-01-2002
10. GO.Rt No 127, GA (Cabinet. 1) Departments, dated 24-01-2022. 
11. Minutes of the meeting of Ministers Committee and representatives of the Employees Association dated 05-02-2022


In the G.0.1" read above, oders ware und for allowing House Rent Allowance@ 30% of Basic Pay subject to a maximum of Rs.20.000-to the employees working in the office stated in Hyderabad and Secunderabad which fall within the jurisdiction of Grater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

In the reference read above, Government have and orders that the employees of Secretariat & Heads of Departments and other offices who migrated from Hyderabad on shifting the Government Offices shall continue to draw the existing rats of House Re Allowance 30% of Basic Pay subject to a maximum of Rs 20,000- for a period of one year. Subsequently, orders were id each your for continuation of House Rent Allowance 30% of Basic Pay, subject to a maximum of Ra 20,000/vide the references 3* read above 

Government have issued Comprehensive Orders on implementation of 11 PRC Revised Pay Scales 2022, vide reference 8 read above, Revised House Rent Allocation (HRA) has been sanctioned at para 8 of the same allowing the HRA of 16% for the employees working at the Secretariat at Velagapudi

In the reference mad above, Government have issued enders so allow House Rent Allowance @16% to all the employees of the Heads of Departments (HD), who relocated from Hyderabad & whose working office locations fall under the 8% HRA area, on par with the employees working is the Secretariat Velagapudi and other HoDs working in Vijayawada.

In the reference 10 read above, Government have constituted a Committee (Ministers C) to deliberate with the Employees' Associations and to clear the apprehensions of the Employees shout orders of the Government on the Pay Revision Commission and se sent at the connected issues. Based on the presentations received from the Employees Associations, the Ministers Committee proposed to revise the House Rent Allowance) vide the reference 11 read above.

 Government, after careful consideration of the entire mater & keeping in view the welfare of the employees, have decided to revise the rates of House Rent Allowance ORA) of the employees working in Secretariat and Heads of Departments, in supersession of the orders issued in the references 8 read above at para 8 and the orders issued in the reference 9th read above

Accordingly  Government here by orders to revise the rates of House Rent Allowance (HRA) mentioned here under:

"HRA@24% of the basis pay subject to a maximum of Rs. 25,008/- to all employees of Secretariat and Head of Departments w.e.f 01-01-2022.

The revised House Rent Allowance (RA) to the employees of Secretariat Heads of Departments shall be continued up to June, 2024.

This order is available online and can be accessed at http://apegazette.cgg.gov.in. 

Download G.O. M.No.28 dated: 28.02.2022

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