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Sunday 20 February 2022

AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs G.O.Ms.No.27

AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs G.O.Ms.No.27 PRC 2022 HRA GO AP Government Employees - Implementation of 11th PRC Revised Pay Scales 2022 - House Rent Allowance (HRA) - Revised Orders -issued G.O.Ms.No.27 Dated: 20.02.2022 What is the HRA slab for 2022? What is the HRA for AP Govt employees 2022? What is the go of AP PRC scales 2022? What are the new rules for HRA? hra revised order 2022 hra g.o. prc 2022 new prc hra slab revised hra slabs in ap additional hra g.o. ap 2022 g.o. ms no 27 ap hra in Visakhapatnam for central government employees

Read the following:

1.G.O.Ms No.1, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated 17-01-2012 
2. GO RT No. 127, GA (Cabinet ) Department, dated 24-01-2022 
3.G.0 MS No.341, Finance & Planning (FWJCHO Department, dated 30-09-1994
4. Minutes of the meeting of Ministers Committee and representative of the Employees Association dated 05-02-2022.


Government have issued Comprehensive Orders on implementation of 11th PRC Revised Pay Scales, 2022 vide reference rent above Revised House Rent Allowance (HRA) has been sanctioned at para of the same.

 In the reference 2 read above, Government have constituted a Committee (Ministers Committee) to deliberate with the Employees Associations and to clear the apprehensions of the Employees about orders of the Government on the Pay Revision Commission and to sort out the connected issues Based on the representation received from the Employees Associations, the Ministers Committee opened to revise the House Rent Allowance (HRA) vide the reference read above

 Government, after careful consideration of the main matter & keeping in view the welfare of the employees, have decided to revise the rate of House Rent Allowance (FRA) in supersession of the orders relating to House Rent Allowance (HCA) et pars 8 of G.O.MS.No.1, Finance (PC-TA) Department, dated: 20.02.2022.


Accordingly, Government hereby order the revised rates of House Rent Allowance (HRA) detailed below:

AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs G.O.Ms.No.27
AP PRC 2022 Revised HRA Slabs G.O.Ms.No.27

The census figures of 2011 will be taken into consideration for classification under different categories for purpose of drawl of House Rent Allowance

The revised HRA rates are applicable to:

a. Employees of the State Government. 

b. Employees of Local Bodies and Aided Institutions, including Aided Polytechnics, in respect of those drawing pay in regular pay scale in the Revised Pay Scales, 2022; and 

c. The Work-charged establishment in respect of those drawing pay in Revised Pay Scales of 2022

  • For all employees & officers, HRA is given as per their respective Pay Commission rales which are in face
  • The existing rules vide the 1st reference read above regarding payment of House Rent Allowance at the rates applicable to the places located within the periphery of SKMs from the towns/cities concerned based on the Notification issued by the District Collector concerned shall continue. A fresh notification shall be issued by the District Collector immediately duty following the prescribed procedure.
  • Separate Orders will be issued in respect of officers of the Andhra Pradesh Higher Judicial Services and Andhra Pradesh State Judicial Services Separate Orders will also be issued for the employees of Secretariat and Head of Departments.
  • These orders shall come into force with effect from 01-01-2002
  • The Government will issue necessary amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment (House  Rent Allowance) Rules 1988

Download G.O.Ms.No.27 Dated: 20.02.2022

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