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Thursday 2 September 2021

AP Sachivalayam WEA Welfare Educational Assistants Department Tests for Probation Declaration - Instructions and Syllabus

AP  Grama Sachivalayam  WEA Welfare Educational Assistants GSWS - Department Tests for Probation Declaration Syllabus Complete Details


AP Grama Sachivalayam Welfare and Educational Assistants have to pass the Department Tests for Declaration of Probation. Details of the Department Tests for WEA Welfare Educational Assistants GSWS - Department Test Syllabus Complete Details Rc.No. SOWO2-17/92/2021 dated 1-09-2021

Social Welfare Department - Village Secretariats-Welfare and Education Assistants (WEAs - Departmental Test for WEAS - Without books - Service Rules Amended by Government - Syllabus communicated - Request to inform the WEAs to apply and pass the the examination as and when conducted by the APPSC

WEA Welfare Educational Assistants GSWS - Department Test Syllabus Complete Details

Ref:  1. G.O Ms.No. 29 SW (Ser) Dept dated 1-9-2021

Vide G.O cited, the Social Welfare Subordinate Service Rules are amended by Government, wherein it was prescribed that every person appointed by direct recruitment as Welfare and Education Assistant shall pass the Departmental Test for Welfare and Education Assistant in Social Welfare Department (without books) within the period of probation. The syllabus for the examination is also communicated herewith.

Hence, it is requested that the syllabus for the examination may be communicated to all the Welfare and Education Assistants and they may be requested to apply for and pass the Departmental Test for WEA as and when the notification is issued by APPSC, so that they can get qualified for declaration of probation, provided other conditions are satisfied.


1) Common for all Welfare Departments -

1. Indian Constitution - Preamble 

2. Constitutional provisions for the welfare and protection of the rights of weaker sections 

3. Job chart of Welfare and Educational Assistants (WEAs) 

4. Social Welfare Department - Institutional setup 

5. Late S.R. Sankaran, IAS (Retd) - A role model officer 

6. Navarathnaalu (items covered in the job chart of WEAs)

a) Fee reimbursement 

b) Amma vodi 

c) YSR Cheyutha 

d) YSR Aasara

e) Enhancement of pensions 

7. New legislations for the empowerment of weaker sections 

a. Establishment of B.C. Commission on permanent basis (Act no. 19 of 2019) 

b. 50% of reservations to SC, ST, BC & Minority candidates in all Government nominated posts (Act no. 24 of 2019)

c. 50%of reservations to SC, ST, BC & Minority candidates in all the works and service contracts allotted under nominations (Act no. 25 of 2019).

d. 50%of reservations to women all the works and service contracts allotted under nominations (Act no. 26 of 2019). 

e. 50% of reservations to women in all Government nominated posts (Act no. 27 of 2019) 

8. Welfare schemes for weaker sections (SC, ST, BC, Minority & Differently abled) 

a. Jagananna VidyaDeevena, Jagananna Vasathi Deevena 

b. Hostels for Pre matric & Post matric students 

c. A.P. Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions, Gurukulams for STs, MJPBCWREIS institutions for BCs, Minority Residential Schools. 

d. Overseas Education Program - Schemes of Government of India 

e. YSR Vidyonnathi 

f. A.P. Study Circles 

g. Jagjeevan Jyothi scheme (Free power up to 200 units for SCs, STs) 

h. Social security and Insurance schemes i. House sites to poor 

j. Allocation of land to burial grounds 

9. Pensions for artists belonging to SCS/STS

a. Dappu Artists

b. Traditional Cobblers

II) Social Welfare Department - Social Justice - Acts

a. The SCS/STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act - 1989 

b. G.Os and Govt memos on relief and rehabilitation to atrocity victims and for eradication of social evils 

c. AP Devadasi (Prohibition of Dedication) Act, 1988 

d. Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 

e. Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976 

f. AP State Commission for STs Act, 2019 

g. AP State Commission for SCs Act h. AP Commission for Backward Classes other than SCs and STs Act, 2019 

i. Scheduled Caste Component, ST Component (formerly Sub Plans) 


III) Differently abled, Senior citizens and Transgenders Welfare Department

a. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 

b. National Trust Act 1999 (for the welfare of persons with autism, cerebral fallacy, mental disorder and multiple disorder) 

c. Welfare schemes for differently abled persons 

d. Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & Senior citizens Act, 2007 

e. Welfare schemes for the Transgenders

IV) Economic development schemes for weaker sections through various welfare corporations

a) YSR Cheyutha 

b) aganannaChedodu Scheme for Rajakas, Nayee Brahmins and Tailors 

c) YSR KapuNestham 

d) Jagananna Thodu for street vendors 

e) SC-Corporation schemes 

f) Economic development programs of Scheduled Tribes through TRICOR 

g) Corporations for sub castes of BCS 

h) Other schemes of YSR Vahana Mitra, YSR MatsyakaraBharosa, NethannaNestham, Law Nestham

i) Corporations for OC Communities

k) EBC Nestham

V) Other Schemes of Minorities Welfare

i) Incentive to Imams and Mouzans

ii)  AP State Haz committee

iii) Financial Assistance of Subsidy to Pilgrimage to Holy Land of Jerusalem

iv) Coaching programs through CEDM

VI) SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) 

a) YSR Kranti patham 

b) Formation of Self-Help-Groups 

c) Loans for SHG through banks

d) Sthrindhi livelihood loans 

e) YSR Pension kanuka - Guidelines and Standard operational procedure for grating pensions 

f) YSR Bheema padakam - Guidelines and SOP 

g) YSR Aasara 

h) YSR Pellikanuka 

i) Human resources development

VII) School Education

i) SamagraSiksha 

ii) Rajanna Badi-Bata 

iii) Nadu -Nedu 

iv) Ammavodi 

v) Concept of English medium schools 

vi) Kasturbha Gandhi Girls Educational Institutions 

vii) Parents committees 

viii) Dropout children - outside school children - Schemes 

ix) Minority Education 

x) JaganannaGoruMudda Scheme 

xi) Model schools 

xii) Establishment of pre-primary schools(Anganwadi 

xiii) AP Open Schools 

xiv) Badi parivartana (school transition) 

xv)SOP for Midday meal and School Sanitation 

xvi) Residential Schools

VIII) Housing Department

i) Pedalandirikilllu Scheme ii) YSR Rural housing scheme iii).PMAGY- YSR Rural Housing Scheme

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