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Monday 5 July 2021

TMF - Payment of honorarium to Ayahs in all Govt., Schools/ Junior colleges for toilet maintenance - instructions

TMF - Payment of honorarium to Ayahs in all Govt., Schools/ Junior colleges for Toilet maintenance

Memo.ESE02/27021/38/2021-MDM-CSE Dt:05/07/2021

Midday Meals & School Sanitation - Toilet Maintenance Fund (TMF) - Engagement of Ayahs in all Govt., Schools/ Junior colleges for Toilet maintenance - Payment of honorarium - instructions -Issued-Regarding.


1.G.O.Ms.No.22 School Education (Prg-1) Department, dt.12-03-21 
2.Director MDM & SS Memo No. ESEO2/21/7/2021-MDM-CSE, dt 5.02.2020
3. Note file orders from the Government e office File No. ESE02 27021/38/2021-MDM -CSE. Dated:02.07.2021

The attention of all the District Education Officers in the State in invited to the reference read above, and are informed that the Government have decided for implementation of School Sanitation under Toilet Maintenance Fund, which was created for keeping the donation from each parent for maintenance of toilets.

To implement TMF immediately and in anticipation of the Government Orders and in the interest of health and hygiene of students, instructions were issued in the reference 2nd read above, to all the District Education officers to permit Parents Committees/CDCs to engage Ayahs in the schools.

Accordingly, schools started engaging ayahs through Parents Committees. As per the data uploaded by the Head Masters of the Schools in the Dashboard, 45,126 Ayahs have been engaged by the Parents Committees in the Government schools. 

Subsequently, the Government issued GO in the reference 1st read above, for engaging the Ayahs through the Parent Committees/CDCS., and other activities of procurement of cleaning chemicals/tools, trainings /SOPS etc., The Government(Finance Department)created PD accounts for TMF in the name of the District Collectors in the districts.

As per para 16 of the G.O.in the reference 1st read above, "the funds received as voluntary donations by mothers from the previous year Ammavodi scheme are available with DEOS/DVEOS/Schools. All these funds should be verified in DEO office/DVEO/Schools/Junior Colleges and to be transferred to the DTMF with proper records and registers".

Since the Ayahs were engaged by Parent Committees/CDC in schools/Junior colleges, and payment of honorarium is pending from the 2nd week of February, 2021 to April 19th, 2021. However, it is noted from dash board that most of the HMs have not uploaded the toilet maintenance parameters in the mobile application on daily basis in spite of the instructions to upload the Toilet Maintenance parameters daily in the App, leading to doubts about the cleaning of toilets due to absence of updating of the daily entries in the App.

However, it is decided that on the humanitarian grounds, a fixed amount of Rs.1,000/-honorarium per month shall be paid to the Ayahs, through the Parent Committees /CDCS for the months from Febrauary,2021 to July 2021, duly calculating from the date of joining and to pay proportionately for that month and then pay fixed amount of Rs.1000/- for subsequent months till July 2021.

The Ayahs should visit the schools daily and clean once as schools have been reopened from July 1st onwards. Once the children start coming to the schools, the cleaning has to be done as per the SOP.

Further, the DEOs are informed that future remuneration of ayahs will depend on the daily entries by the schools in the TMF module of the app, once schools are opened for students

In view of the above, The District Collectors and District Education Officers in the State are requested to;

i. Utilise the present available Ammavodi donation amounts (which should be first transferred to DTMF from all Joint accounts of DEO/ APC and from HMS accounts) for giving honorarium to the Ayahs from DTMF, from February to July 2021 @ Rs 1000 per Ayah per month, since their joining time after issue of proceedings vide reference number 2nd cited above 

ii. To reimburse the expenses so made from Ammavodi donations, once the TMF amount is received/ deposited in the PD Account, and

iii. To ensure proper accounts and maintenance of registers at various levels.

The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously.

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