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Wednesday 23 June 2021

TOMS Project - Online Classes for Municipal School Students - Instruction

Roc.No.1212953/2020/TOMS/FC/E2. dt: 22.06.2021.

Sub: Education Transformation of Municipal Schools (IOMS) Project Learning Management System Online Classes in all Municipal School Students - Certain instruction issued - Regarding.


1.GO.Ma.No.295 MA & UD (D1) Department, dated 22-12-2020.
2.Circular Roc.No.1212953/2020/TOMS/E2-2, dated 25/05/2021

The attention of all Municipal Commissioners of 59 ULBS where Municipal Schools exist in the state is invited to the reference cited and it is informed that, in the reference 1 cited, the Government have approved the Education Work and Finance Plan 2020-2021. Among other components, "Learning Management System (LMS)" is one of the component in the said plan including Online Classes to the students of the Municipal Schools. As per the said program, online classes will be taken up in all Municipal Schools in the State from 6 to 10th class students to strengthen academics in all Municipal Schools.

Further, it is informed that at present, all the Municipal Schools in the State are closed due to Pandemic of Covid-19. Hence, the undersigned has decided to conduct online classes to the Municipal School Students, to avoid hardships and to strengthen the academics by daily interaction with the students. Accordingly, a pilot was conducted successfully in 5 ULBS (Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Ongole, Srikalahasti & Narasapuram). 

It is farther informed that, owing to present situations, considering the feedback & results in pilot and keeping in view of academics, the undersigned has proposed to take up online classes in all schools for 10th class students in Municipal schools, initially through LMS module which was integrated with 200M video conference with all the subject teachers in the respective Municipal Schools. Accordingly, a schedule was communicated to curtained ULB's for conducting online classes to 10th class students 31-05-2021.

After receiving the feedback from the said ULBS, an conducting of online classes and requests from the other ULB's, the undersigned has decided to conduct online classes to all the Municipal Schools Students from 6th to 10th classes, as the schools, are not running regularly and syllabus in most of the schools in not covered for the Last Academic year.

Therefore, all the Municipal Commissioners of 59 ULBs are requested to follow the below instructions for arranging online classes in all Municipal Schools from 6th to 10th classes students, on priority.

  • To Arrive the number of students in all the Municipal Schools in ULB (school) and class wise). Accordingly, finalise the requirement of number of Zoom Licences for ULB. Dased on the requirement, purchase Zoom Licences for Each school for conducting online classes expenditure from general funds.
  • While Purchasing Zoom Licenses at ULR Level, the Municipal Commissioners shall consider below aspects:
          ➢With regards to UP & High School Purchase Minimum 5 Education Zoom Licence for                     each Municipal School, without fall. (Low Strength schools bellow 100 may be merged                     for online classes in same ULB if required) 
           Purchase Education Zoom Licenses, only with minimum participant's High Schools                         with less than 100 strengths may be merged with other school capacity in same ULB for                   conducting online classes only.
           ➢Merged schools for conducting Online classes information communicate with in State                     Education Cell. For proper monitoring

  • To Provide required infrastructure in all the schools like Mobile stands, Boards ctc.., if required for conducting online classes in each Municipal School. 
  • To conduct meetings with all HMS and School Supervisors to make sure all the Municipal teachers should involve in Online Classes from all the schools.
  • To create awareness among all the students and parents un conducting of online classes and make sure all the students will participate in online classes, through Head Masters, Ward Education and Data Processing Secretaries and ward volunteers etc. 
  • To create a cell named as "ULB Education Cell" in the ULB for monitoring Online classes and also to work on other educational Projects/Programs like Nadu Nedu,School ERP,LMS etc. This Education Cell shall be consist Manager, Senior HM in the ULR, School Supervisors and 3 Ward Education and Data Processing Secretaries (Based on the schools Count). The details of the ULB Education Cell shall be submitted to State Education Cell by 28-06-2021 without fall in attached format.
  • Municipal Commissioners are directed purchase Education Zoom licenses by 30.06.2021 (for 1 year period) 
  • This ULB Education Cell shall attend and resolve all the issues arising at ULB Level and coordinate with State Education Cell during the online classes andother education subjects.
  • An orientation program will be conducted to ULB Education Cell along with Head Masters, School supervisors and subject teachers as per schedule through Zoom Conference (Schedule will be communicated shortly)
  • Issue strict instructions to the Head Masters and School Supervisors for preparing school-wise schedule and communicate to State Education Cell and conduct Online classes as per the schedule given in strict vigilance and also to monitor attendance of the students on daily basis in class wise and furnish the same to this office.
  • Issue instructions to all the HMs and School Supervisors to identify Subject Experts for Developing Content in LMS Module in all subjects and uploading the same in LMS Module of Municipal Schools ERP.
  • Fnsure 100% participation of the students in online classes to be conducted.

The Municipal Commissioners are also requested to direct the ULB Education Cell to contact the State Education Cell in the 0/0 CROMA, A.P., Guntur for technical assistance in conducting the online classes through LMS module/Zoom conference to the Municipal students as per schedule. The detalls of State Education Cell are enclosed as Annexure. 6. The RDMAs in the State are requested to guide the Municipal Commissioners in this regard and ensure the above instructions are compiled by the Municipal Commissioners without fail.

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