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Friday 12 March 2021

Engaging of Sanitary workers in the Government Schools / Junior Colleges G.O.MS.No. 22 Dated: 12-03-2021

School  Education Department - MDM - Engaging of  Sanitary  workers in the Government Schools / Government Junior  Colleges duly meeting  the Honorarium from the Ammavodi funds donated by  the  Unique  mothers- Guidelines - Orders - Issued G.O.MS.No. 22 Dated: 12-03-2021.


From  the  Director,  MDM &  School  Sanitation,  AP.,  Lr.No.ESE0227023/1/2020-MDM-CSE,  dt:04.02.2021.


In  the reference  read  above,  the Director,  MDM  & School  Sanitation, AP.,  has submitted  that, the  Government of  Andhra  Pradesh has setup the Toilet Maintenance  Fund  (TMF) for  maintaining cleanliness  of  the  Toilets, Urinals,  dress change  room, wash basins and other associated  items of the  toilet  complexes in all  the  Government schools  and all  the Government Junior  Colleges in Rural and Urban areas.  The  creation  of TMF is a revolutionary concept and first of  its kind  in India and probably the largest fund  created  exclusively for maintenance  of  toilets  in Government schools/ Junior  Colleges.  The vision  of  creating  the TMF  is  as follows. “The  professional  and scientific maintenance  of the  toilets  and school/college  premises  in  all Government and  Government aided schools/colleges through  optimal  utilization  of financial  and human  resources  and  through School/College  Committees participation  in order  to  provide  the  best hygienic  conditions to the students  to  promote their health  & self-esteem  and  thereby contribute  to  the  improved  learning outcomes”. 2.    The  Director,  MDM &  School  Sanitation  has therefore  submitted the proposal  together with  guidelines  for engaging  Sanitary workers  in  the Government Schools / Government Junior  Colleges towards maintenance of  toilets  in  the Schools  and Junior Colleges   duly  meeting  the Honorarium from  the  Ammavodi  funds donated by  the  Unique  mothers with a request to  issue necessary  orders  for  effective implementation  of  the toilets  under Toilet Maintenance  Fund  in  the  State.  

Government,  after  careful examination,  hereby accept the  above proposal  of the Director,  MDM  for engaging  Sanitary workers in  the Government Schools / Government Junior  Colleges towards maintenance of  toilets in the  Schools and Junior  Colleges duly meeting the  Honorarium.

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