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Thursday 11 March 2021

Jagananna Vidya Kanuka 2021-22 Administrative Approval G.O.MS.No. 21 Dated:10-03-2021

School  Education - “Jagananna Vidya  Kanuka” - Procurement and supply of Student KITs  to all the students studying  in classes I to X  in  all Government Management Schools  for the  Academic Year 2021-22 - Administrative  Approval - Accorded - Orders - issued G.O.MS.No. 21 Dated:  10-03-2021.  

Read the  following; 

1.  G.O.Ms.No.12, SE(Prog.II)  Dept., dt.12.03.2020 
2.  From  the  DSE, AP, File  No. SS-16/1/2020-CMO SEC-SSA,  dt.10.12.2020. 


The Government of Andhra Pradesh  have launched Jagananna Vidya Kanuka on 8th  of October, 2020 to supply  Student Kits before the start  of every academic year consisting  of  (3) pairs of  uniforms  Cloth,  Text  Books,  set of  Notebooks,  a pair of shoes and two pairs of socks,  a belt  &  School  bag to all the students studying from  Classes I to  X  in  all  Government  management Schools, on par with their counterparts attending private schools,  to  enhance the self  confidence of  the students coming from BPL house holds and thereby reduce  dropout rate and improve learning  outcomes in  Govt  schools.  

In  the reference 2nd  read above, the Director  of School  Education has informed  that the approximate estimation  for procurement  of  items covered  under ‘JAGANANNA  VIDYA  KANUKA’ scheme  for  the  academic  year 2021-22  is  as  follows under  Head  of  Account:  2202-02-709-1135-310/312;  2202-02-789-1135-310/312; 2202-02-790-1135-310/312. 

He has therefore,  requested  to issue orders to procure the  items under Jagananna Vidya Kanuka for the  AY  2021-2022. 

Government after careful  examination  of the matter, hereby  accord administrative approval  to procure & supply  Students Kit consisting of three (3) pairs of  uniforms,  set  of  Notebooks,  text  books,  a pair  of  shoes and  two (2) pairs   socks,  a belt  and  School  bag to all the students studying  from  Classes I to X in  all the Government/MPP/Municipal/Residential  Schools of Education & Welfare Departments/ Ashram  Schools/Aided Schools/ Model  Schools/ KGBVs/ Registered Madarsas in  the State under  “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka”   with  an budget estimates of  731.30  crores  (Central  share  Rs.230.68 cr  + State  share  Rs.500.62 cr)  for the Academic  Year 2021-2022 and to  launch  the  scheme  on  the  day of  reopening of schools  for the  Academic  Year 2021-22. 

 Government have further decided to  provide  one  Dictionary  along with  the Student Kit. Accordingly, Government hereby order to  procure  &  supply Dictionary to the students under “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka”. 

The Director of  School  Education/  the State Project Director,  Samagra Shiksha and  the Director, Government Textbook  Press shall  take  further necessary action in  the  matter  accordingly.  

This  order  issues with the concurrence  of the Finance Department vide U.O.No. FMU0ASD(SE)/42/2019, Computer  No. 1004380,  dt.01.03.2021

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