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Distribution of Dry Ration to all students for the month of September and October-2020 Latest Instructions

Memo No.ESE02-27021/160/MDM-CSE, Dated:26.11.2020 School Education-Jagananna Gorumudda( MDM) Scheme- Distribution of Dry Ration to all eligible students for the month of September and October-2020-Certain Instructions Issued-Reg.


1.D.No.40-312020-DM -I (A), Dated:30.09.2020 of the Home Secretary to Government of India
2.Note orders Dated:29.10.2020 of the Principal Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Andhra Pradesh.
3.Memo No. ESE02-27021/160/MDM-CSE, Dated:03.11.2020 of this office
4. Letter Rc.No.2060/MDM/2020,Dated:21.11.2020 of the District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram.
5. Memo No.ESE02-27021/160/MDM-CSE,Dated:24.11.2020 of this office

The attention of the District Educational Officer is invited that circulars, Memo and remainder have been constantly issued from this office for the maintenance of records, registers, social audit, display on notice boards and the precautions to be taken while the distribution of Dry Ration. A detailed set of guidelines were issued through circular in the references for monitoring of the Dry Ration and the accountability.

The action taken report on these guidelines are still awaited from the District Educational Offices in the State. They are informed that certain complaints were received from the field with regard to the distribution of the dry ration. They are informed that the Mid-Day Meal / Dry Ration distribution is the top most priority of the Government and the Hon'ble Chief Minister office, Hon'ble Minister Garu and Principal Secretary School Education are keenly observing and monitoring the progress and the fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility of the field staff & Headmasters with regard to distribution of Dry Ration.

Hence, the District Educational Officers are once again instructed to take review of the implementation of the Dry Ration distribution and ensure that the guidelines given are strictly adhered to and the dry ration distribution is done through transparent manner without any scope for deviation of any kind whatsoever. It is instructed to take strict disciplinary actions against the field functionaries and Headmaster, if they are found violative of the guidelines.

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