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Friday, 2 October 2020

Re-opening of Schools Unlock 5 Guidelines Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Date:02/10/2020.

Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Date:02/10/2020.

School Education – COVID -19 pandemic  The Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 - Disaster Management Act, 2005 –“Unlock 5.0” Guidelines for Phased manner - Re-opening in the State of Andhra Pradesh – Certain Instructions issued – Regarding Rc.No.151/A&I/2020 Date:02/10/2020.

In continuation to this office proceedings in the ref 1st cited, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has issued “Unlock 5.0” Guidelines for Phased Reopening in the State of Andhra Pradesh and the guideline indicates that, the process of re-opening of schools and coaching institutions, the GoI have been given the flexibility to the State Governments to take decision after 15th October, 2020 in a graded manner (GoI guidelines copy enclosed)

Further, the guidelines and instructions issued earlier holds good and Online learning and teaching shall be continued and encouraged. Children in Class I to VIII shall continue to learn from home only and the programmes VIDYA VARADHI and VIDYAMRUTAM shall be continued (Schedule for a period of 20 days i.e., 1.10.2020 to 31.10.2020 enclosed) and the sheets prepared for Class I to VIII are placed on the ABHYASA app and the teachers shall download the sheets and give guidance to the students accordingly.

Further, Students of Classes 9th to 12th will be permitted to visit their schools in area outside the containment zones only on voluntary basis for guidance from their teachers only with the written consent of their parents/guardians and it should be mandatory. The day wise activity for the children from Class I to XII from 1st to 15th October, 2020 shall be as follows:

  • Counselling to the Students, give them assessment papers based on learning outcomes. Attend to the online classes as scheduled.
  • All Schools may engage in the following activities with students through online mode:
  • a. Story-telling by teachers to students highlighting different aspects of mental well being in the story linking to children’s daily life situations to create awareness.
  • b. The story and questions to be collated for wider sharing and dissemination.
  • c. Students to develop posters and write slogans for creating awareness on mental well-being.
  •  All are instructed to adhere the above activities under MANODARPAN initiative as a part of Mental Health Week (4th -10th October, 2020). 
  • The teachers may continue guidance through WhatsApp/phone calls/online/offline the teachers as usual and upload the weekly report in the dashboard as usual.
In view of the above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education/District Educational Officers in the State are requested to communicate the schedule to the concerned in their respective jurisdictions and give wide publicity through print and electronic media to ensure that these video lessons are reached to all the students in their districts concerned.

For any clarifications in this regard, the Director, SCERT and Director, SIEMAT may be contacted.

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