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Monday, 14 September 2020

Pay protection to the teachers of Model Schools - Clarification - Speaking Orders Rc.No.456/2020-APMS-CSE Dated:-11/09/2020

 Rc.No.456/2020-APMS-CSE Dated:-11/09/2020

School Education - AP Model Schools - Pay protection to the teachers of Model Schools - Clarification - Speaking Orders - Issued - Reg.


1.Govt.Cir.Memo.No.32087/353/F.R-II/2005, Dated:-26-05-2005 of Finance(FR.II) Department.
2.G.O.Ms.No.254 Finance (SMPC-I) Department, Dated:-03-12-2011.
3.Notification No.01/RMSA/ Model Schools/2012, Dated:-06-02-2012.
4.GoI Lr.No.F.1-8/2012-RMSA.III, MHRD, Dept of SE & literacy, dated:- 21-04-2015
5.G.O.MS.No.67, School Education (Exams) Department, Dated:-26-10- 2018.
6.Representation, dated:-06.08.2020 of Sri.M.Srinivasulu, PGT(Civics), APMS Nandavaram, SPSR Nellore District.


Sri.M.Srinivasulu, PGT Civics, APMS Nandavaram, SPSR Nellore District has submitted a representation in the reference 06th read above stating that he was appointed as Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) (Social Studies) on 06.12.2013 and took No Objection Certificate for appearing to the Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) (Civics) through DSC-2018. Later he was selected and appointed as Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) Civics and working as PGT-Civics at APMS Nandavaram, SPSR Nellore District w.e.f., 23.12.2019. Hence, the individual is requesting for protection of his pay as per F.R 22(a)(iv) with one increment of Rs.110/- duly fixing his basic pay at Rs.40,270/-.

In this connection, it is informed that the AP Model Schools were established under AP Secondary Education Society and is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme contemplated by the Government of India in 2009 established in EBB Mandals under Andhra Pradesh and started functioning with classes 6th to Intermediate with English Medium of instruction from the academic year 2013-14. Further informed that the Principals, Post Graduate Teachers(PGT) and Trained Graduate Teachers(TGT) are sanctioned to AP Model Schools as per G.O.Ms.No.254 Finance (SMPC-I) Department Dated: 03-12-2011 reference 02nd read above.

Subsequently, the scheme was delinked from the Central assistance from the year 2015-16 and thus since then the State Government have taken up the Scheme vide reference 04th read above.

At present, all salaries of teaching staff of AP Model Schools which are functioning under AP Secondary Education Society are drawing their salaries under Head -“2202-02-109-11-06-060-061-Grant-in aid”.

Therefore, it is informed that as per Govt Cir.Memo. dated.26-05-200 vide reference 01st read above, Government issued orders that the individuals working in the Grant-in-aid posts are not Government employees and the protection of the last pay drawn earlier is not permissible. Thus, it is informed that the Pay protection to the teachers of Model Schools is not applicable.

In view of the above, only the individuals considered as Government Employees are eligible for pay protection as per F.R 22(a)(iv) who are drawing their respective salaries under the Head of Account “010. Salaries” and not through Grantin- aid. Also, the pay protection is not allowed to the individuals who are recruited through DSC-2012 in AP Model Schools and the same was mentioned in their respective appointment orders also.

Hence, the representation of Sri.M.Srinivasulu, PGT Civics, APMS Nandavaram, SPSR Nellore District dated:-06-08-2020 is hereby considered as per orders issued by the Government from time to time, the request of the applicant is rejected.

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