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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Issue of Income Certificate / Rice Cards by Revenue Authorities - Guidelines Revised Orders G.O.Ms.No. 205 Dated:25/07/2020

PUBLIC SERVICES - Revenue Department - Issue of Income Certificate/Rice Cards by Revenue Authorities - Revised Orders - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No. 205  Dated:25/07/2020

Read the following:

1) G.O.Ms.No.186, Revenue (Ser.II) Dept., dt. 26.5.2015.
2) G.O.Ms.No.229, Revenue (Ser.II) Dept., dt. 23.6.2017.
3) From the GVWV&VSWS Dept., E-file (Computer) No. 1174764, dt. 29.6.2020.
4) Remarks of Spl.CS & CCLA, in E-file dt.7.7.2020.

   In the G.O. first read above, while taking into consideration of the views of various relevant departments Govt. have issued orders to issue Income Certificates by Tahsildars/Dy. Tahsildars for various purposes including School Admission, Fee reimbursement, scholarship schemes, SC/ST/BC/Minority Corporation loans and other Govt. schemes, Bank loans etc. so that to remove hardships for BPL beneficiaries and prescribed certain norms for obtaining Income Certificate for various purposes.

2. Later, it was brought to the notice of Govt. that the instructions issued in the above GO are not being followed in letter and spirit. Contrary to the orders issued by the Govt., various educational institutions /departments /banks are insisting the beneficiaries including BPL beneficiaries for submission of Income Certificates annually which resulting in much inconvenience and diversion of entire energy of Revenue officials in attending work related to issue of Income Certificates, particularly during the months from May to August.
3. Keeping in view of the circumstances, Govt. had issued revised orders in G.O. 2nd read above, while reiterating the orders read in the GO direct that:
i. “No State Government Department and corporations / Institutions / State PSUs / selecting BPL beneficiaries shall ask for an Income certificate as long as any person to be treated as BPL category. No separate Income certificate need be insisted in such cases.ii. With respect to beneficiaries who does not have White Ration Card, the validity of Income Certificate issued shall be for a period of Four (4) Years”. 
Accordingly, Government hereby issue the following orders/instructions afresh, in supersession of the previous orders issued vide G.O.Ms.No.186, Rev. (Ser.II) Dept., dt.26-05-2015 & G.O.Ms.No.229, Rev.(Ser.II) Dept., dt.23-06-2017:

  • (i)Govt. sector (or) Private sector, Corporations/ Institution/ State /PSUs shall not ask for an Income Certificate as long as beneficiary produces Rice Card for selecting BPL beneficiaries to extend any Govt. welfare schemes. The Rice Card shall be a proof for any person to be treated as BPL individual. No separate Income Certificate need be insisted in such cases.
  • (ii) The Income Certificate for Scholarships (or) for any other scheme where Income limit prescribed is more than the BPL category, be insisted only for the first time and not for renewals.
  • (iii) No Department shall retain the Original Certificate. The Original Certificate shall be returned immediately after spot verification and recording.
  • (iv) No employer i.e. be it Government (or) Private sector, shall ask for Income Certificate for employment purpose.
  • (v) No bank shall ask for Income Certificate while extending crop/ land loan to farmers.

The validity of Income Certificate issued shall be for a period of Four (4) years.

Download G.O.Ms.No. 205  Income Certificate guidelines
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