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Nadu Nedu - Work Site Measurement books by Engineering Assistant & Ward Amenities Secretaries - Guidelines

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Work Site Measurement books

School Education - Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Work Site Measurement books by Engineering Assistant & Ward Amenities Secretaries - guidelines - issued Memo No. E1-SEDUCES/1470/2019-PROG-II Dated:06.06.2020.

1. GO. Ms. No. 87, SE (Progs-11) Dept., dt. 30-11-2019.
2. Memo No. ESE01-SEDNOCSE/1470/2019-PROG-II, PR(MDL-1) Dept., dt.11.11.2019.
3. Memo No.3207797/UBS/2020, MA&UD(UBS) Dept., dt.27.1.2020.
4.G.O.Ms.No.22, SE(Progs-I) Dept., dt. 06.05.2020
5. From the CSE, AP, Lr.No./DC/MBN/2020, dt.30.5.2020.

In the reference 1 cited, administrative approval has been accorded for taking up the basic infrastructure works with nine components in a period of three years with the objective of face-lifting of all the schools.

In the reference 2 and 3rd cited, orders have been issued for utilizing the services of the Engineering Assistant and Welfare & Education Assistant of Grama Sachivalayam and Ward Amenities Secretary and Ward Education and Data Processing Secretary for the purpose of Manabadi: Nadu - Nedu Programme and also framed job chart.

In the reference 5th cited, the Commissioner of School Education has reported that Government decided to take up the 15715 phase-l schools through the implementing Agencies like Samagra Shiksha, APEWIDC, PRED, Municipal & Public Health, TWED. Further instructed to complete all the components of all the phase-l schools by end of July 2020.

Therefore, the CSE has requested to issue necessary orders in making the Engineering Assistant /Ward Amenities Secretaries more accountable on Mana Badi Nadu Nedu works

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby entrust the responsibility of maintaining work site measurement book to Engineering Assistant and Ward Amenities Secretary with the following guidelines to make them more accountable on Nadu Nedu works:

a) The EA/WAS shall maintain Work Site Measurement Books (WSMB) in all the work sites of phase-l Nadu Nedu schools.
b) The EA/WAS shall record only measurements of the work done including pre-measurements of steel in RCC items.
c) Each school project shall have one WS-MB to be maintained by the respective EA/WAS.
d) The WS-MB shall consist of the name of the school project, UDISE code, Project estimated cast.
e) Measurements shall be recorded component wise of the school project.
f) The Field Engineer shall furnish a copy of technical sanctioned estimate to the EA/WAS.
g) They should clearly record the specification of the item, measurements tike length, width/breadth and depth/height item wise.
h) They should record the work done measurements of the item as and when the item is completed.
i) The Field Engineer shall train the EA/WAS on how to write WSMV ) The EA/WAS should sign in the measurement sheets along with the date on each of the day measurements are recorded.
k) The Field Engineer of the implementing Agency shall check the measurements recorded in WS-MB with the measurements of the work on the field.
l) If required the Field Engineer may correct the measurements in the WS-MB and put his initials against each of the correction.
m) After ascertaining the measurements recorded in WS-MB are correct the Field Engineer shall sign in the WS-MB along with the date.

Measurements (MB) Recording:

a) The regular M. Books being used by the department shall be used for Nadu Nedu works also.
b) Field Engineer shall write the regular M. Book as per the existing procedure.
c) The Field Engineer shall record the final work measurements as one-time measurement for each of the component of the school project.
d) The Field Engineer may use the WS-MB for the purpose of recording M.Book at the end of the work.
e)The Field Engineer shall invariably measure the measurements of the work and record the same in M. Book.
f) In spite of measurements recording by the EA/WAS in the WS-MB, the Field Engineer is solely responsible for the quality and quantity of the work done. 

Check Measurement:

a) The Deputy Executive Engineers of the respective Implementing Agencies will be the check measurement authority.
b) The DEEs on his visit to the work site, shall cross check the measurements recorded in WS-MB by the EA/WAS and put his initials along with the date having verified the measurements.
C) The DEES shall check measure the work measurements in the M. Book recorded by the Field Engineer.
d) The department guidelines shall be followed for the check measuring the Nadu Nedu works.

Supply of WS-MB & M. Book:

a) The Executive Engineers of the implementing Agencies shall purchase the M. Books from the market and issue the same to the EA/WAS s and book the expenditure under Nadu Nedu.
b) The WS-MB shall be clearly written on the cover page as Work Site Measurement Book (WS-MB.

The Commissioner of School Education, AP, the State Project Director, Samagra Siksha, the MD, APEWIDC: Engineer-in-Chief, PR, Engineer-in-Chief, Tribal Welfare, Engineer-in-Chief, Municipal & Public Health and all the District Collectors shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly.