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Thursday 21 May 2020

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Instruction in uploading the voucher / bills and monitoring mechanism at district level, mandal level Memo. No. 13021

Memo. No. 13021/69/MBNN/2020 Date: 20/05/2020

School Education - Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - Instruction in uploading the voucher / bills issued -Regarding.

   Attention of the all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the reference 1st read in which circular instructions were issued on monitoring and grounding of works. Instructions were being issued to allot the mandals to the Sectorial Officers and Assistant Sectorial Officers of Samagra Shiksha for monitoring the progress of Nadu Nedu works on day today basis.

Government vide the GO read in the ref. 2nd cited have fixed the date for completion of all the work in all the phase-1 schools as July 2020.

During the telephonic discussion with all the VIDEOs on 18th May it has been decided to further strengthen the monitoring mechanism at district level, mandal level to ensure all the works in all the schools grounded and completed within the stipulated time. To make this happen the following further guidelines are issued:

a. The DEO shall establish PMU Nadu Nedu in the district and designate one of the senior officers, preferably of an Assistant Director rank Officer,  in the district (AD/ Dy.EO/DIET Principal) as Coordinator, Nadu Nedu.

b. The Dy.EOs / ADs / Sectorial Officers /Asst Sectorial Officers shall be kept as Cluster Monitoring Officers for cluster of mandals who will be visiting the schools and report the progress of Nadu Nedu works.

c. The DEO shall submit the details of the Coordinator, Nadu Nedu and Cluster Monitoring Officers along with their phone numbers to form a whatsapp group.

d. The Coordinator, shall monitor the Cluster Monitoring Officer on every day and report the progress of the works to state PMU Nadu Nedu and resolve the field level issues in the district.

e. The DEO shall provide a four-wheeler to all the Sectorial Officers / Asst Sectorial Officers who are allotted with duster of mandals.

f. The vehicle hire charges shall be paid from @ rate approved by the Govt for a period of maximum three months from district level Samagra Shiksha District Project Office component.

g. A mobile app will be given to all the Cluster Monitoring Officers to upload the details of work inspected by them along with the progress of works.

h. The Cluster Monitoring Officer shall go around the schools and visit at least 5 schools per day and upload the details.

i. The APC who is designated as Nodal Officer, Nadu Nedu shall monitor both physical and financial progress of works and responsible for overall progress of Nadu Nedu works.

j. The State Coordinator, PMU cell Nadu Nedu shall monitor the progress of Nadu Nedu works with District Coordinator of PMU cell on day today basis and also resolve the issues at district level.

  Hence all the DEOs in the state requested to make note of the above instructions and take up necessary actions in expediting the progress works and completing all the works in all the schools by July 2020.

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