Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Upgraded Posts of LP shall be filled with LPs / SGTs G.O.MS.No.77 dt.30.10.19

School  Education- Filling  up of  the  post of  Upgraded  posts of  Language Pandit  and Physical Education  Teachers  working  in M.P.U.P. Schools/Zilla Parishad/Government  High  School  within  the parent  management - Permission  accorded-Orders-Issued.   G.O.MS.No.  77        Dated:  30-10-2019. 

Read the  following:
G.O.Ms.No.91,  School  Education (Ser.II)  Department, dated  17- 12-2018.   
Letter   Rc.No.ESE02-12021/38/2018-ESE  2-CSE, dated 31-01-2019  of  the  Commissioner  of  School  Education,  A.P. 
Letter  No.882/(D1-4)/Estt.IV/2011, dated 12-10-2019 of  the Commissioner  of   School  Education,  
A.P.   Memo.No.796382/Services-II/A2/2019,  dated 20-10-2019 of  the School  Education (Services-II)  Department.   Letter  Rc.No.882(D1-4)/Estt.IV/2011,  dated:  29-10-2019  of the Commissioner  of  School  Education,  A.P. 

      The Government vide G.O1st  read  above, have  accorded  sanction for  up-gradation of  10,224 posts of  Language  Pandits Grade-II as  School Assistant (Languages)  and 2,603 posts of  Physical  Education  Teacher  as School Assistant (Physical Education) and  for filling  up of  the posts by  way of  promotion.   
The Commissioner  of  School  Education, A.P,  Ibrahimpatnam in  the references 2nd   and  3rd   read  above has  requested  for  guidelines on implementation  of  the  G.O 1st   read.   
    The Government vide reference  4th  read  above, have accorded permission  to  the Commissioner  of  School  Education,  A.P to  implement G.O.Ms.No.91 dated:17-12-2018  for filling  up of  the posts of  upgraded Language  Pandit  posts  with Language Pandits.  
    The Commissioner  in  the letter  5th  read  has requested  for  reexamining  the entire  issue and suitable orders for  promoting  Language Pandits  as well  as SGTs  having  requisite qualifications to the said  upgraded posts.   
    After  careful  examination  the entire matter,  Government hereby accord  permission to  the  Commissioner  of  School  Education,  A.P. to implement the G.O 1st  read above by  allowing  promotions within  the parent management  duly  following  the guidelines  issued  below:- 

Upgraded Posts of  Language  Pandit  shall be  filled with Language Pandits / Secondary  Grade Teachers. The Secondary Grade  Teachers  having  the qualifications given in this order shall be considered for promotion.   

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