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Health Reforms Committee - Quality Health Care for all citizens of Andhra Pradesh - Establishment of Expert Committee - Orders G.O.Rt.No.254

G.O.Rt.No.254 Dated:13/06/2019 Health Reforms Committee–Quality Health Care for all citizens of Andhra Pradesh – Establishment of Expert Committee

G.O.Rt.No.254      Dated:13/06/2019


The Government of Andhra Pradesh is having strong commitment to provide quality health services /Dr.YSR Aarogya Sri services to all citizens of the State of Andhra Pradesh and decided to revitalise the health system in the State through a comprehensive programme to ensure Universal Health Care (UHC) through Dr.YSR Aarogya Sri/Quality Health for All. In this context, the Government has decided to establish an Expert Committee to undertake a comprehensive review of the current status of health care in the State and plethora of programmes that are currently in operation and recommend an integrated programme of action for time bound implementation of UHC services to all citizens of the State.
2. The Committee will comprise of the following experts:
i. Ms K. Sujatha Rao IAS (Rtd.) — Chairperson
ii. Dr. Bhumireddy Chandrasekhar Reddy, Neurologist, Hyderabad.
iii. Dr. Simhadri Chandrasekhar Rao, Secunderabad
iv.Dr. B.Sambasiva Reddy, Neurosurgeon, Hyderabad.
v.Dr. Kasireddy Sateesh Kumar Reddy, MDS, Hyderabad.
vi. Dr.Dutta Ramachandra Rao, Hanuman Junction, Krishna District.
vii. Head of all Departments of Medical, Health and Family Welfare and Vice-Chancellor of Health University - Part time members
viii. Principal Secretary, HM&FW Department -Convenor of the Committee.
ix. The Committee Chairperson may co-opt any professional or personal member.
  1. The Terms-of-Reference of the Committee:
  2. The principal objective of the committee is to make recommendations for securing quality health care services to all citizens of Andhra Pradesh within a reasonable timeframe and operationalise Dr.YSR Aarogya Sri for All. In this direction, the committee will undertake comprehensive review of the existing health system-Public, Private, AYUSH, and informal; however, with focus on Government financed health care institutions and programs - analyse the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and provide a road map for achieving Universal Health Care for citizens of the State.
The specific terms-of-reference include the following:

a) Analyse the structure and functional dynamics of the existing primary health care system in rural and urban areas of the State - duly considering the public, private, informal, AYUSH, etc.- and recommend measures for strengthening the primary health care in an integrated manner with due attention to the role and responsibilities of the ASHA workers, Sub-centres, Primary Health Centres, citizen health cards, urban health system, integration of 104 services, referral services, etc.,

b) Review the status of secondary, tertiary and advanced care health care facilities of the Government in the state and recommend measures for strengthening the health facilities on par with the best in the country and establish sustainable and robust referral system from the primary to the tertiary level.
c) The committee will review all existing programs of the Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department — State financed, Centrally sponsored schemes, externally aided projects, public-private partnerships, etc.— and recommend appropriate measures for achieving synergy, integration, and optimising resources for maximum impact on the delivery system.
d) Critically review the functioning of 108, 104 services along with all existing public-private partnership programs and recommend appropriate measures that would ensure integrated health system that would have the capacity to deliver quality services to the citizens.
e) Review all aspects of Dr YSR Arogya Sri and recommend measures for time bound operationalisation of 'Dr YSR Aarogya Sri for All' assurances and its integration with the overall health system.
f) Review and structure and function of various Departments under the Ministry of Health, Medical and Family Welfare and recommend an integrated architecture that would ensure seamless synergistic management of all departments, programmes and ensure delivery of quality health services to the citizens.
g) Recommend a system for prevention and effective management of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and measures for elimination of communicable diseases, especially Leprosy, Malaria, Gastroenteritis, etc.
h) Review the status of medical, paramedical, nursing education in the state — both public and private — and recommend measures for strengthening the quality of education.
i) Review the current regulatory framework with specific reference to hospital quality and cost of health care services and recommend appropriate institutional mechanism for robust regulatory framework.
j) Review the existing Health Information Management System (HMIS) and recommend the establishment of a robust HMIS that would include Household Health Record digitisation, Hospital Health Record System, and a system for effective monitoring of all critical health parameters.
k) Will identify the financing requirements for the proposals and suggest suitable measures for mobilising resources from the domestic and international sources.
l) Within two weeks of its establishment, the committee will identify and provide a list of 'Quick Impact Projects' that could be grounded immediately, which would ensure visible quality improvement of the health services within 3 to 6 months.
m) The committee will undertake extensive field visits, hold workshops, conduct focus ground discussions and interact with a wide cross section of the stakeholders before finalising the report.
  1. The Committee will submit its report within eight weeks from its first meeting, which will be convened by the Principal Secretary, Department of Health, Medical and Family Welfare in consultation with the Chairperson. The Committee shall decide the methodology for its work and co-opt any specialist as deem appropriate. While the Chairman will enjoy the status of Chief Secretary to Government, the Members will have the status of Principal Secretary for the purposes of travel and accommodation. The expenditure and Honorarium for the committee will be borne by the Health Department. The committee will have unfettered access to all information/staff/facilities of the Health Department.
  2. This orders issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.FIN01-FMUOPC(HMF2)/46/2019, dated:11 /06/2019.
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