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Thursday 3 January 2019

AP SSA Recruitment of Non-Teaching staff on outsourcing basis Kept in abeyance Rc.No.11025

Present: Sri G. Srinivas, LA.S.,
Rc.No.11025/ / APSSA/A7/2018-1, dated: -12-2018.

  1. G.O.Rt.No:4459,Fin Dept 27.12.2006
  2. G.O.Ms.No.151, Finance (HR-I-Plg.& Policy) Department, Dated 08.08.2016.
  3. Tender notification NO.5101/APSSA/A7/2017ofthe State Project Director, SSA, AP, Amaravati.
  4. Guidelines, Qualifications, Rule of Reservation prescribed by the State Level Committee, dated: 17.04.2018
  5.  This office proceedings Rc. No. 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-1, dated 11.05.2018.
  6. This office work orders Rc. No. 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2, dated 11.05.2018.
  7. This office Proceedings Rc. No. 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-3, dated 14.05.2018
  8. Video conference conducted on 04.06.2018
  9. G.O.Rt.No:815, Gen. Adm, Dept. dated: 13. 02.2007
  10. This Office Proceedings Rc. No: 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2, dated 19.06.2018
  11. This Office Proceedings Rc. No: 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2, dated 27.06.2018
  12. Adverse news items appeared in daily news papers on selection of Outsourcing staff.
  13. File No.SSA-11033/2/2018-ADMIN-SSA
  14. Review meeting conducted by the Special Chief Secretary to Government, School Education Dept. Government of Andhra Pradesh dated:02.07.2018 .
  15. Memo.No.ESEOl-12029/96/2018-PROG 2 SECT-SE DEPT dated:04.09.20 18.
  16. This Office Proceedings Rc. No: 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-1, dated: 11.10.2018.
  17. This Office Proceedings Rc. No: 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2, dated: 11.10.2018.
  18. This Office Proceedings Rc. No: 5101/APSSA/A7/2017-2, dated:11.10.2018.

            All the Project Officers of SSA in the State are hereby directed to keep in abeyance the recruitment of Non-Teaching Staff on outsourcing basis until further orders.

      This has got the approval of the State Project Director, APSSA, Amaravati.

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