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Revised instructions for Base Line Test for Gnanadhara Rc.251

Gnanadhara Base line Test

Revised instructions  for Base line Test of Gnanadhara ,Rc.251,Dt.26.10.2018

1. The Base line test Paper for each class (6 to 8) consists of three subjects i.e Telugu, English and Mathematics together as a set.
2. Each Subject has 4 parts (A,B,C & D. First here parts A to C) contain questions each, to test the basic competencies that the students are expected to acquire at Primary Level. Part D contains questions on class specific competencies
3. Time given is 45 Minutes for Telugu and English and 1 hour for Maths. Hence in total it is 2.30 hrs
4. The answered scripts have to be evaluated by the teachers concerned i.e who are teaching the subject to those students in their respective schools
5. The test tools are designed to test the very basic competencies to diagnose the correct number of students who need remediation from the fundamental level
6. Keeping the above pont in view the Head Masters and Subject Teachers are expected to conduct the test in a fair manner to arrive at exact าumber of remedial students who need remediat on from basic level

 Instructions for the dispatch of Baseline Test Papers

1. Obtain Mandal wise and class wise data of students from the MEOs concerned for the proper dispatch of the materials.
2. MEO should consolidate the data taken from the MPUPS, ZPHS, GHS, KGBVs and Non-Residential Schools of Social We fare and Tribal Welfare Dept. if any in the Mandal and communicate to SSA office.
3. MEO should send one CRP from his mandal ta collect the Question Papers from PO SSA office
4. AMO SSA should distribute the question papers as per the indent given by the MEOs concerned.
5 MEO office should further distribute the question papers to the schools concerned as mentioned above as per the indent obtained from the Head Masters concerned from the managements mentioned above collect the question papers.s taped properly to avoid the missing or leakage of the papers.
6. Head Master should send his one of h s staff members to the MRC concerned to
7. SSA and MRC shculd dispatch the question papers enclosed in covers and Stapled properly to avoid missing or leakage of the  papers

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