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Monday 10 September 2018

Kaivalya Education Foundation Selection of MEOs - One day screening activities to the MEOs - Instructions and List of MEOs RC.No.303

RC.No. 303/A 1/2017-1 Dated: 09/09/2018

1) This office Proc. Rc. No. 303/A&I/2017. doted: 29-3-2018
2) This office Proc. Rc. No. 303/A&I/2017, dated: 13-07-2018
3) Lr.dated.04.09.2018 of the RVSS Ramakrishna, Programme Manager, State Transformation Programme, Kaivalya Education Foundation, Gollapudi, Vijayawada

         In continuation to the office proceedings 3rd read above all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education / District Educational Officers in 4th the State are informed that in the reference read above (copy enclosed), the Programme Manager, State Transformation Programme, Kaivalya Education Foundation, GoliapudL Vijayawada has submitted a detailed proposal for screening of required no. of Master Coaches from the identified 215 MEOs, those who have applied, shown interest and idenfified as pro-active by the concerned District Educational Officers, The following is the schedule for conducting screening activity:
SI. NoDate of Conducting !he activity   VenueDistricts to be coveredNo of MEOs to Participate
  No of MEOs for boarding as MCs
1Sept 12,2018GunturGuntur2010

File No.ESE02-30027/1/2018-PS1 -CSE

2Sept 15.2018Vijayawadawest Godavari157
4Sept 18.2018KurnoolKurnool158
5Sept 25,2018Visakhapat namVisakhapat nam147
East Godavari189

Therefore, all Regional Joint Directors of School Education / District Educational Officers in the State are requested to depute the identified MEOs as per list enclosed, with instructions to at tend screening activity as per the schedule without fail. T.A. and working lunch will be paid at the venue by the concerned DEOs.
End: As above
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