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Wednesday 1 August 2018

CCE Marks Entry for Classes I to X for 2018-19 -SA-II, SA-III Marks Entry of 2017-18 - Instructions Rc.No.251 Dated: 01.08.2018

Rc.No.251/B/SCERT/201Dated: 01.08.2018
Sub: School Education -CCE Marks Entry for Classes I to X for Academic Year 2018-19 -SA-II, SA-III Marks Entry of Academic Year 2017-18 -Certain Instructions issued -Reg.

Ref: 1Minutes of Meeting on CCE Pattern and Data Entry held with Director, SCERT, PMU, O/o CSE and select teachers, dt: 18.08.2017
All the Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers of School Education in the State are aware of the various quality initiatives being undertaken in the state. For the successful implementation of these initiatives, it has been found that there is a need for quality assessment data of students from Class I to Class X.
In this regard, it is decided that from Academic Year 2018-19, CCE marks entry shall be ensured for Classes I to V, in addition to classes VI to X that is already being done. The online screen for uploading marks for the Academic Year 2018-19 is now enabled and available for uploading marks.
In addition, for the purpose of implementing Gnana Dhaara -Learning Enhancement Program through the identification of students requiring remediation, it is decided that the SA-III Marks of Academic Year 2017-18 for classes I to V and SA-II Marks of Academic Year 2017-18 for classes VI-IX shall be uploaded before 10.08.2018. The online screen for uploading the SA-III Marks of Academic Year 201718 for classes I-V and SA-II marks of Academic Year 2017-18 for classes VI-IX is also enabled.
The link to CCE marks entry is available on the website of Commissioner of School Education (www.cse.ap.gov.in).Guidelines for entry of marks is given below:
AThe authorities vested with the responsibility of ensuring CCE marks entry are:

aMEOs for classes I to V of Primary Schools and classes I to VIII of Upper Primary Schools
b.HigSchool Headmasters for classes VI-X
BCCE marks entry is enabled only through the individual school logins already given to schools.
The concerned authorities are requested to first complete the language mapping of students on the portal before proceedings to marks entry.
FExtension for data entry beyond the deadline will be considered for specific schools if there are genuine reasons for not uploading the marks. However, beyond 3 weeks, no extension for data entry will be given.
GFor example, given that the deadline for conducting FA 1 of Academic Year 2018-19 is the last week of July, the Headmasters must ensure data-entry of FA 1 marks by 14.08.2018.
HThe DEOs are requested to issue instructions to MEOs/Headmasters to start the data entry process well in advance and complete within the prescribed time.
IIn case of any queries/issues, the concerned authorities are requested to contact APOnline by posting the query/issue on the Request Tracking System (RTS) available on the website.
JThe DEOs are instructed to ensure that marks entry occurs on time for all Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments for speedy analysis of data so as to enable the dissemination of report cards for students, parents and other officials.
Data Entry Requirement Table
I-VNoYes15 days from end of exam
VI-XYesYes15 days from end of exam
It is to be noted that from the Academic Year 2019-20 onwards, Data Entry shall also take place for Formative Assessment for Classes I-V.
This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.
Download CCE Marks Entry Instructions
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