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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Minor repairs, White Wash, Paintings, Water facilities, Toilet cleaning etc., in schools - MAMAKARAM Programme Rc.No.4406

Rc.No.4406/B2/2018 Dated. 8/6/2018

Sub:- MAMAKARAM Programme - Proper arrangements Viz Minor repairs, White Wash, Paintings, Water facilities, Toilet cleaning etc., in schools before opening schools-Instructions Issued-Reg
Ref:- 1. Instruction issued by the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Amaravathi

    The Head Masters of all Schools, all the Deputy Educational officers and Mandal Educational
Officers in the District are hereby informed that in view of reopening of Schools on 12/6/2018, the Commissioner of School Education AP,Amaravathi have issued the following instructions to make necessary arrangements / facilities in schools before reopening of schools.
1. The Head Masters should not use the buildings/Class rooms which are in dilapidated condition. The same should be demolished as per rules.
2. Minor repairs to school buildings/roof/Toilites, Water Tank etc., should be completed duly incurring the expenditure from available funds.
3. Remove the garbage. Bushes from the school premises/Compound
4. White Wash/Painting to the buildings should be completed.
5. The information /Data /Statistics which are already exhibited should be corrected properly.
6. Soak pits should be arranged in the school premise at appropriate places to avoid flow of rainwater into drainages.
7. Nearby Un-Recognized private schools should be identified and should be brought to the notice of the Inspecting officers concerned for closure of the same.
8. On 12/6/2018 every school should be ready for reopening in all aspects and for new admission.
9. The school should be attractive before reopening of schools, festive mood should maintained on the day of reopening.
         All the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to issue necessary instructions to the Head Masters of all High School/Upper Primary Schools and Primary Schools under Govt/ZP/Municipal Managements in the district.
             Any deviation in this regard will be viewed very seriously
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