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Saturday 12 May 2018

Condemnation of dysfunctional old Computers and other IT peripherals from the Schools of ICT, CAL Projects through auction - Instructions and Proforma Rc.No.192

Rc.No. 192/ IT Cell/2015 Dated: 08.05.2018
Sub: - CSE IT Cell- E-Waste management - Condemnation of dysfunctional old Computers and other IT peripherals from the Schools of ICT @1000, ICT @5000, ICT@1300, CAL Projects through auction - Certain Instructions -Issued.
l. Instructions of CSE AP during review meeting dated 25.04.18
2.This office Procs.Rc.No.83/ITCELl/2016 dated 30.07.2016
3. NIC Guidelines 2016

In continuation to the instructions issued in the reference read above the attention of all the Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers in the state are once again informed to
condemn all dysfunctional old Computers and other IT peripherals supplied to schools under various schemes Like ICT @1000, ICT @5000, ICT@1300, CAL projects etc. As such the said infrastructure is become as E-Waste as per the guidelines issued by the NIC (enclosed) during the year 2016.
The process to identify the E-Waste is as follows:
a) Identify one central Location at the district Headquarters for accommodating all dysfunctional peripherals (E-waste) and obtain the said E-waste from the schools concerned
b) Constitute committee comprising five(5) member i.e each one from District IT CeLL, E-Hazar Team, DCR Team,SSA, NIC representative under the supervision of DYEO (RMSA) for
verifying the working status of the above infrastructre.
c) The District IT CelL shouLd ensure that aLL the dysfunctionaL infrastructure availabLe in the schooLs shouLd be obtained back, the details of the dysfunctional computers and other related infrastructure shouLd be kept recorded and compLiance report shouLd be submitted to the undersigned for onward sanctioning the other projects to the schools in future. The Last date for obtaining the above infrastructure would be 19.05.2018.
      After obtaining the above E-Waste, the District EducationaL officers shall constitute a
committee comprising District EducationaL Officer, Project Officer- SSA, DYEO RMSA, MEO(l), Member from State Audit Department and NIC representative under the chairmanship of District Collector and float tender for auction the above material. The date of auction should be on or before 30.05.2018.
The services of the District IT Cell, E-Hazar MandaL 1 District teams, CRPs etc.. may be utilized
for the above work and necessary E.L. may be sanctioned (if applicable).Above instructions should be followed strictly, any violations will be viewed seriously.
Encl: Ref 2 & 3, Proforma
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