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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

User Manual for Preparation of Budget Estimates, Number Statements 2018-19 and Submission online

  • User can login to budget portal through https://apbudget.apcfss.in/ or https://www.apfinance.gov.in . Through https://www.apfinance.gov.in user can click on budget 2018-19 link.
  • The new portal for budget 2018-19 will look like the below image

  • The first time user will get the change password screen to change the default password.
  • After changing the password user has to provide the mobile number and email-id to reset the password at any point of time.
  • After providing the mobile and email id the user will get an OTP to his registered mobile number and after providing the OTP the login process will be completed. User can click on continue to proceed.
  • After login DDO can access the following services.
  • Employee Details
  • Number statements
  • Budget Proposal 18-19
  • Final Submission
  • General
  • DDO is required to add all the employees for whom he is drawing salaries under his DDO Code.
  • All the employee details from HRMS system under the respective DDOs are made available. DDO is required to confirm the details.
  • Only after confirmation of the employee details the DDO can access the remaining screens.
  • DDO is also responsible to enter the details in the following categories.
  • Grant-in-Aid Employees
  • Work Charged Employees
  • Contract / Outsourced Employees
  • Anganwadi Workers & Other Employees.
  •                                                 Number Statement Screens
  • There will be total 10 Proformas are available out of which 8 are required to be submitted by the DDO.
  • Proforma V and X will be filled by the HOD
  •  Proforma I
  •  Proforma II
  •  Proforma III
  •  Proforma IV
  •  Proforma VI
  •  Proforma VII
  •  Proforma VIII
  •  Proforma IX
  • After finishing the Proformas data entry the DDO should submit to the SCO using the following Final Submit Screen.
  • If any proforma is not applicable DDO can mark it as not applicable.
  • Budget proposals
  • DDO is provided with Revenue Head of accounts which are operated by the DDO. He is responsible to submit the proposals for 2018-19.
  •  Click on the Refresh button corresponding to each and every Head of Account to save the Details.
  •  Notepad button to submit the justification for the proposals.
➧Download User Manual for Preparation of  Budget Estimates, Number Statements 2018-19
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