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Tuesday 19 December 2017

CCRT Trainings to Subject teachers Schedule, Guidelines Rc.No.110

Rc. No.110/B/TE/SCERT/2017 Dt: 18.12.2017
Sub: S.E. - SCERT, AP- Orientation course for in-service teachers in the months of December - 2017 to February -2018 -Deputation of ten in service teachers- Req- Reg.
 Lr.No. CCRT/13011/11201717845, Dated:17-11·2017 From Deputy Director, Center for Cultural Resources and Training (Under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India).

While enclosing a copy of the reference read above, all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the CCRT, New Delhi has informed that the CCRT will be organizing an Orientation Course for in-service teachers in the months of December -2017 to February -2018 and requested to depute Ten (10) teachers from middle/secondary/senior secondary Govt. /Govt. aided schools of our State, teaching class VIII and above upto 52 years of age, for participation in the Orientation Courses to be organized by CCRT as per following details.
Sl. Duration of the Orientation Courses Venue Number of Teachers to
No Orientation Courses be Deputed
1. December 22,2017 to CCRT Regional Centre, 36, 10
January, 11 ,2018 Ambavgarh, Swaroop Sagar,
Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan (
Telephone No.0294-2430764, Fax
No. 0294-2430771, e
2 January 10-31,2018 CCRT Head Quarters, Plot NO. 1510
A, Sector -7 Dwaraka, New Delhi
110075. (Telephone No.011
253093000/ ,Extn.323/325, Fax
No.011-25088637, e-mail:
3 January 19 to February CCRT Regional Center, Opp, CII 10
09,2018 (Confederation of Indian
Industry), Near Google Office
Madhapur to Kodapur Main Road,
Madhapur, Hyderabad-500084,
(Telephone No.04023117050,
Telefax No.040-23111918,
4 January 22 to February CCRT Regional Centre, 36, 10
10,2018 Ambavgarh, Swaroop Sagar,
Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan (
Telephone No.0294-2430764, Fax
No. 0294-2430771, e
05 February 5-24,2018 CCRT Headquarters, Plot No.15-A, 10
Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi
110075. (Telephone No.011
25309300/Extn.3231325, Fax No.
011-25088637, e-mail:
Further, they are requested to depute teachers and issue orders deputing them to CCRT, New Delhi duly relieving them from their duties and to inform the deputed teachers to report directly at the concerned venue at 10.00 AM on the first day of their respective Orientation courses mentioned above.
The following are the strict gUidelines to the deputation of teachers.
  1. Teachers should be upto 52 years of age (Birth Certificate to be produces at the time of registration).
  2. Teachers must be teaching in minimum anyone of the following Classes 8th/9th/1Oth/11th/12th of middle/secondary/senior secondary schools should only be deputed.
  3. She/he should be teaching subjects like i) Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Civics, Sociology Etc,) : ii) Language (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Modern Indian Language); iii) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc); iv) Mathematics; v) Fine Arts, Music Ii Art;
  4. Preference should be given to depute female teachers.
  5. The deputed teachers should have minimum two years' experience of teaching. Only one teacher for one school should be deputed in the above mentioned Orientation Course, not more than one teacher from the same school will be allowed to participate.
Further, all the DEOs in the State are hereby instructed that not to depute the Head Masters/Principals/Inspector of Schools and following teachers.
•Primary school teachers 
• Teachers, who have already attended CCRT's Orientation Course earlier.
• Teachers teaching Yoga, Physical Education, SUPW Must not be deputed
• Librarian, Lab Assistant and Specially challenged teachers (without eye-sight)
• Teachers working on contract /ad-hoc/temporary basis.

Separate stay arrangements are made for the female teachers at the venue of the training.
All the DEOs/DDPls/loS/DDs/CEOs/CloS, BEO and the DRP's of the districts of our State as per the details given in the enclosed list, requested for deputation of Five (05) teachers, teaching VIII and above and up to 52 years of age from middle/secondary/senior secondary schools for participation in each of the Orientation Courses in addition to deputation orders of 10 teachers of our State, teaching class VIII to XII and above upto 52 years of age for participation in the above programme.
The list of the deputed teachers for the Orientation Course may please be sent to CCRT, New Delhi within the following schedule by Fax No.011-25088637, email or speed post as early as possible.

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