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Friday 10 November 2017

Filling up of all the Upgraded posts (100%) by way of Promotions rejected Rc.No.225 dt.09.11.2017

                                 ANDHRA PRADESH :: AMARAVATI
                           PRESENT: K.SANDHYA RANI, I.Po.S.,
Rc.No.225/Estt-IV/2017 Dated: 09.11.2017
Sub:- School Education - Up - gradation of the posts of Languages Pandits Gr-II and PETs Govt. and Z.P. High Schools to the cadre of School Assistants - Filling up of all the upgraded posts by way of promotion - Govt. Memo Communicated - Regarding.
1.Rc.No:806/A3/2014, dated:06.03.2017 of the District Educational Officer, Guntur District.
2.Rc.No:OA.No.442/2017/LMC/AD(L)/2016, dated:09.03.2017 of LMC of this office.
3. This office Lr.Rc.No.882/ (Dl-4) Estt-IV/2011. Dt: 01.02.2017.
4. This office Lr.Rc.No.225/Estt-IV/2017, Dated: 06.04.2017.
5. C.A.No.147/2017 in O.A.No.443/2017 filed by Smt. D.Shyamala Devi, PET, Guntur District.
6. This office Lr.Rc.No.225/Estt-IV/2017, Dt: 24.08.2017.
7. Govt.Memo.No.474060/Services.II/A2/2017, Dated: 26.09.2017. (received on 05/10/2017)
                               * * * * 
While enclosing herewith a copy of the Govt. Memo 7th cited, all the District Educational Officers in the State are requested to take necessary action in the matter.
Encl: As above.
                                                                                          K.RAVINDRANATH REDDY
                                                                                          for Commissioner of School Education
All the District Educational Officers in the State.
Copy to the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State.
Copy to the Legal Monitoring Cell of this office at Hyderabad.
Copy submitted to the Spl. Chief Secretary to Govt., School Education

Dept., A.P., Amaravati for information.
                                       GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH
                                        SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT
                               Memo.N0.474060/Services.II /A.2/2017. dt.26/09/2017
Sub:- School Education - Up-Gradation of the posts of Language Pandits Grade.I1 and Physical Education Teachers in Government and ZP High Schools to the cadre of School Assistants - Filling up of all the upgraded posts by way of promotions - Rejected.
Ref:- From the C.S.E., A.P., Ibrahimpatnam, Lr.Rc.No. 882/(014) Estt IV/2011, dated 01.02.2017 &
Lr.Rc.No.225/Estt IV/2017, dated 24.08.2017.
                                                   * * ** * * 
The attention of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., ibrahimpatnam is invited to the references cited. She is informed that the proposal for filling up of all the upgraded posts of School
Assistants (Languages) and School Assistants (PE1) by way of promotion in relaxation of Rule 3(iii) of A.P.School Education Subordinate Service pertaining to Government Schools and
ZPP Schools is not feasible for consideration as per existing rules.
           Hence, the proposal is rejected.
                                                                                                               ADITYANATH DAS, IAS
                                                                                            SPECIAL CHIEF SECRETARY TO GOVT
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