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Tuesday 12 September 2017

No Untrained In-service Teachers is working in Govt. / Pvt. Management Schools - Declaration -Submit - Rc.No. 356, Dated: 11.09.2017

1. RTE Act-2009. dated:27-8-2009.
2. D.O. No. 17-2/2017-EE.17, Dated the 03.08.2017 of Anita Karwal, Additional Secretary (EE.II). MHRD. New Delhi
3. This office Proc. Rc. No. 356/A&1/2017. dated: 17-8-2017
           The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference 3,d read above, wherein necessary guidelines / instructions were issued to them based on guidelines and schedule issued by the Dept. of School Education & Literacy. MHRD. GOI. New Delhi in connection with the training to untrained in-service teachers working in the schools of Govt. and Pvt. Managements in the State and also requested to upload the information of un-trained teachers working in the schools by the Principal /
Headmaster in the CSE portal on or before 11-9-2017. so as to enable this office to transfer the data to NIOS portal within the stipulated time.
         In this context. they were also instructed that. to upload the service certificates issued by the concerned Principal / Headmasters of the schools. who are working in their respective schools duly countersigned by the concerned Inspecting Officer. It is noticed that. some of service certificates were uploaded without countersignature of
the Mandal Educational Officers. They are therefore requested to issue necessary instructions to all Mandal Educational Officers in their jurisdiction to verify the genuinity of the service certificate
uploaded in the website of CSE I NIOS and confirm the same.
       Further. they are requested that to constitute a team with Headmasters in each
and every Mandai at their jurisdiction to ensure that all untrained teachers are applied
for D.EI.Ed. course through NIOS.
Further they are requested to obtain a declaration from MEOs that no untrained teacher is left without registration their names in the CSE / NIOS portal in his Mandai and submit a declaration from his district that no untrained teacher is left without registration their names in the CSE / NIOS portal in his district, to this office on or before 13-9-2017 without fail.
                            These instructions should be followed scrupulously.

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