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Thursday 6 July 2017

Supply of eggs under Mid Day Meal Scheme for 2017-18-Instructions,Rc.100,dt.29.06.2017

  • Supply of eggs under Mid Day Meal Scheme for the year 2017-18-Instructions Rc.100,dt.29.06.2017 issued
  • Eggs will be supplied to the School points. The respective HMs/SHGs should obtain the eggs every week with proper acknowledgement.
  • The supplier should supply the eggs as per NECC guidelines for colour stamping of the eggs (hen). The HMs/SHGs should ensure that the Supplier is supplying the eggs as given below.
  • The HMs/SHGs should ensure that the egg should be stamped "MDM-AP" for School Education department. Stamping should be done in indelible ink to also indicate the days of supply as given by the Department.
  • MEOs sho Id verify quality and stocks of eggs across various levels randomly.
  • The Eggs (hen) will be delivered in plastic j cotton trays which will be collected by them in the next trip. 50 that it does not break. If the HM/SHGs are found the eggs are broken at the time of delivery, the same should be returned to the supplier and obtain the same quantity with quality.
  • If the eggs are damaged are any other complaints raised, the Mandal Educational Officer should make a call to the supplier Immediately as shown against the firms and to redress the same.
  • The monthly Indents will be placed by the School Education Department and the supply has to be effected to the destinations specified, every week. The closing and opening balance of every week should be informed by the concerned HMs!MEOs in the App designed for the purpose of egg indent.
  •  The Head Master should acknowledge the bills after obtaining the eggs from the supplier. The same should be counter signed by the concerned MEO through DEO concerned.
  •  The DEOs should issue instructions to the NGOs who are not willing supply cooked eggs and from Centralized Kitchen to take action for boiling the eggs in the respective premises with their own cost and material as the fuel charges are being paid to the NGOs for supply of MDM.
  • The District Educational officer should deduct the egg cost i.e., 2.35 from the existing cooking cost w.e.f supply of eggs by the supplier.
  • Download proceedings copy

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