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Friday 7 July 2017

National level science seminar-2017-conducting District level science seminar-2017 - Rules and Regulations RC.135, Dated:05-07-2017

 All the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that VITM, Bangalore has informed that the National Level Science Seminar will be organized at Birla industrial and Technological Museum, 19A, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata-700091 and requested to organize School Level, Mandai Level, District Level, State Level Science Seminars on the given topic and furnish list of winners of the State Level Science Seminar to participate in the National
Level Science Seminar on 09th November, 2017. The topic for this years Seminar is "SWACHH BHARAT: ROLE OF  S & T - PROMISES & CHALLENGES".
     Hence they are requested to organize Divisional level Science Seminars on the given topic i.e. "SWACHH BHARAT: ROLE OF  S & T - PROMISES a CHALLENGES" on or before 3rd week of August 2017 and District Level Science Seminar is last week of August, 2017 and furnish details of 1st and 2nd prize winners immediately to participate in the State Science Seminar 2017. No budget is available to organize the above two events. The State Level Science Seminar will be organised on 11 th October, 2017. The details of venue will be intimated on later date.

The objective of the Science Seminar is to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry and analytical thinking in the minds of young students. The Science Seminar will be held on a competitive basis in each State and Union Territory. The Seminar is organized generally at School, Block, District and State level before cUlminating at the National Level. Winners from each School participate at Block level seminars and winners of Block level seminars participate at the
District level seminars. A maximum of 2(Two) winners from each District participate in State/UT level Seminar and only one winner from each State / Union Territory is eligible for National level Science Seminar, which will be held at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata on the 9th November, 2017.

Participants  : High School Students from class VIII to Class X only
Language     : English, Hindi or any recognized Indian language
Duration       : Participants shall make his/her presentation on the given topic for a maximum
                       duration of 6 minutes. This will be followed by a two minute Question-Answer
                       Session with the Judges on the same topic.
Pattern         : Each participant of the State/Union Territory Science Seminar will be asked 3
                      (three) questions in the Question-Answer session after his/her presentation by the
                      judges and he/she will be required to answer any 2 questions in two minutes.
                     There will be a written aptitude test also for all the participants before the Seminar                                starts.
Grading      :
Grading For evaluating and grading the presentations of the participants, following criteria will be judged: 
Scientific Content in presentation - 40 marks 
Fluency in Speech - 25 marks 
Ability to answer questions 
A written Aptitude Test of 20 questions (20 minutes maximum) - 10 marks 
Answer to Questions in Question-Answer Session after the presentation (2 out of 3 questions) - 10 marks 
4. Novelty in use of visuals - 15 marks 
Total: 100 marks 
Supplementary Visuals The maximum number of supporting visuals I slides I charts etc. permitted per presentation is altogether 5 (five) only. The details of these are as given below: 
a) Charts I Posters -maximum size permitted is 850 mm (width) x 600 mm (height). All charts I posters are to be mounted -one on top of other -as done in a calendar. One side of the chart I poster is considered as one unit. There should be no pop-ups 
b) Slides should be of 35 mm format mounted in plastic frame preferably 
c) The size of the overhead projector slides should not be more than A4 size, which could be viewed fUlly when projected 
d) Computer based slides, Static (Office 2010 .ppsx & .pptx format) without additional features like animation, pop-ups, rollovers, etc. No interaction within one slide is permitted. 
Note: 3D models, videos and films are not allowed to be shown during the deliberation/presentation. 
Prizes As decided by the host organizers of State I Union Territory level Science Seminars. 
Date As announced by the State/ UT organizing authority (like State/UT Education Dept /SCERT / SISE/SIE /S&T etc.~. However, all contests in States I UTs must be completed on or before 1st September, 2017. (This is mandatory in order to enable the participants to prepare for National Level Seminar). 
Special Note At the time of deliberation, no Teacher or Escort shall be allowed to assist the participant on the dais except for physically challenged students. 
The details of the Seminar held at each District level and State I UT level may be sent to Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata along with photographs of the event. During the State I UT Level Competition, a banner showing the details of the sponsor (to be communicated by us later) may be displayed and a photograph of the banner with the participants may be sent to the National Coordinator for records.

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