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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Instructions for conducting transfer counselling RC.No.190 Date:24/07/2017

RC.No.190/Estt-III/2017                                                                  Date:24/07/2017

1. G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.ll) Dept., Dated:- 04.06.2017.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 05.06.2017.
3. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 06.06.2017.
4. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-111/2017, Dated:- 07.06.2017.
5. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 08.06.2017
6. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 09.06.2017
7. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-10.06.2017
8. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-16.06.2017
9. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 21.06.2017
10.G.O.Ms.No.38 SE (Ser.lI) Dept., Dated:- 21.06.2017.
11. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 21.06.2017
12. G.O.Ms.No.43 SE (Ser.lI) Dept., Dated:- 30.06.2017.
13. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-03.07.2017.
14. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-05.07.2017
15. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-07.07.2017
16. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-11.07.2017
17. Video conference discussions Dt.12.07.2017
18. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-12.07.2017
19. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-13.07.2017
20. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-III/Clfs/2017, Dated:17.07.2017.
21. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-18.07.2017.
22. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-21.07.2017.
23. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-23.07.2017.
24. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017-1, Dated:-23.07.2017.
All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that a review of the transfer counselling exercise underway is done.
        The following concerns /gaps need to be addressed immediately to make it a smooth and transparent exercise:
1. There is a constant effort at changing the details of the applications by the teachers to gain/change points. This is requiring the DEOs and the field teams to modify individual applications in their respective logins till last minute. It is seen that even 30 minutes before starting of counselling, seniority lists are being corrected / revised.
2. In some instances DEOs are missing inclusion of names of certain teachers' details in the provisional list and seeking changes to the almost finalised seniority list in the last minute. Constant corrections, gaps in verifications at field level and at District Educational Officer level is delaying the process of finalizing the seniority lists.
3. The Grievances and related corrections, if any, to the individual applications should stop 4 hours before counselling starts. The seniority lists should be frozen at least 4 hours before starting of the Counselling process.
4. Further, even though provision for editing and vacancy updating is enabled with ample time in the respective logins, the District Educational Officers are not utilizing this and forwarding random lists to CGG / Central Server for modifications in the 11th hour which is causing embarrassing situation and all this is causing delay in freezing of the Final seniority lists. In turn this is leading to avoidable anxiety for teachers and delay in the process of Transfers Counselling.
              Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational
Officers in the State are instructed to freeze the discrepancies by duly constituting special teams
to rectify the problems, if any, well in advance. It should be ensured that all corrections/modifications to the provisional seniority lists should be made prior to 4 hours of commencement of the transfers counselling. Please ensure that the counselling is completed as per the schedule.
      Further, all the observers of Teachers Transfers Counselling - 2017 are requested to review the readiness of their district for taking up the transfer counselling for specific category of teachers with reference to the check list annexed to this letter. Detailed information on the conduct of Transfers Counselling may be submitted every day without fail.

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