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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Conduct counseling for different subjects at a time - instructions Rc.190 dated.24.07.2017

Rc. No. 190/Estt-III/Clfs/2017                                                     Date:24/07/20 17

Read:-1. G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.lI) Dept., Dated:- 04.06.2017.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 05.06.2017.
3. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-IiI/2017, Dated:- 06.06.2017.
4. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 07.06.2017.
5. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IiI/2017, Dated:- 08.06.2017
6. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 09.06.2017
7. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 10.06.2017
8. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 16.06.2017
9. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:- 21.06.2017
10.G.O.Ms.No.38 SE (Ser.ll) Dept., Dated:- 21.06.2017.
11. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:- 21.06.2017
12. G.O.Ms.No.43 SE (Ser.ll) Dept., Dated:- 30.06.2017.
13. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-03.07.2017.
14. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-05.07.2017
15. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-III/2017, Dated:-07.07.2017
16. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-11.07.2017
17. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IiI/2017, Dated:-12.07.2017
18. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-13.07.2017
19. This Office Proc.Rc.No.190/Estt-IiI/Clfs/2017, Dated:17.07.2017.
20. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IiI/2017, Dated:-18.07.2017.
21. G.O.Ms.No.50 School Education (Services. II Department, Dated:20.07.2017.
22. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IIi/2017, Dated:-21.07.2017
23. This Office Proc.Rc.No. 190/Estt-IiI/2017, Dated:-22.07.2017
            All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed to, arrange 2 rooms at a time in the same venue to conduct web assisted counseling to 2 different subjects with the assistance of Deputy Educational Officers and Assistant Directors in the district.
           In the each room, the following officers may conduct counseling for different subjects.
1) District Educational Officer     2) Assistant Director
3) Deputy Educational Officer     4) Staff Concerned.
1) Deputy Educational Officer-l       2) Assistant Director
3) Deputy Educational Officer-II     4) Staff concerned.
All the observers in the state are requested to monitor the same with the DEOs for smooth conduct of the Teacher transfers counseling-2017.

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