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Monday, 3 July 2017

Implementation of Nutrition,Education and sanitation improvement programme in Schools- Instructions

All The Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officer s in the State are requested to implement the Nutrition, Education and sanitation improvement programme in Schools in the state every week on Thursday 45 days yearly duly convergence with the RBSK Coordinator, O/o D.M.H.O and Health Consultant,  O/o  P.O,S.S.A in the Districts.
The objectives and Guidelines of the Programme are as follows.
1) Menstrual hygiene management is key for increase of enrollment in Schools.
2) Reduce the absenteeism by explaining precautions during the menstruation.
3) Providing knowledge and skills class to conduct for menstruation Managements by the trained Teachers to girls students in the classrooms.
4) Training to Teachers on Menstrual hygiene management system with support of the
Health Department ensuring the sanitary pads (napkins) availability in schools primes.
5) Hand wash after using the sanitary pads (Girls Students).
6) Educate to the Students in Health Education, Health Tips.
1) Menstruation is still a taboo in India it is common for people across society to feel
, uncomfortable about the subject.
2) The taboos prevent Girls and women from articulating their needs restricting their
movement absenteeism in schools
3) Menstrual hygiene management is seen as major bane of being a girl due to poor
awareness if) 
4) Communities need to be made aware of the barriers faced due to poor Menstrual \l hygiene management their role in enabling girls to successfully manage menses in
school and at home.
What Needs ta be done in District level:-
A) Awareness creation around Menstrual hygiene management within society.
B) Training and capacity building at District block and School level.
C) Convergence with different Departments and schemes.
D) Ensure implementation of Menstrual hygiene management guidelines and policies.
E) Share good practices with other Districts
F) Monitoring of Key performance indicators-KPI
What Needs to be done in School level:-
A) Menstrual hygiene management related training with School Girls(and boys maybe too)
B) wash facilities in schools
C) Assure clean WASH facilities operations and maintains.
D) Safe disposal of used menstrual absorbent
E) Provision of emergency sanitary napkins.
F) In the state of AndhraPradesh sanitary napkins vending machines are to be installed in schools in partnership with local NGOs School health clubs as in charge for maintenance.
Plan of Action
Menstrual Hygiene Teams in School Level
Each School :-Students with Science Teacher
Every week Thursday:-School Health Day/Wifs day/Screening Day/Club Day/convergence Day-45 Days.
Mandal :-Every Thursday
District:-Every First Thursday
Therefore all the RJDSEs / DEO's in the State are instructed to issue necessary instructions to all the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers under their jurisdiction for effective implementation of the programme in the Schools as per he guidelines/instructions issued now.
They ore further are requested to participate. monitor the programme and make the programme grand success.
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