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Thursday 8 June 2017

Pratibha Awards-2016-Distribution of 4004 Tabs to the Pratibha Awardees-Rc.738,Date:2/6/2017

                 The attention of all the District Educational officers in the State are invited to the references read above and they are informed that the Government have requested to procure 4004 Tablets to distribute Pratibha Award Winners 2016 through M/s Fast Forward Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad.
               Further, they are informed that vide reference 6th read above work order for supply of TABS to the Pratibha Awardees - 2016 has been issued to M/s Fast Forward Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad.
              Hence all the District Educational officers in the State are requested to invite all the Pratibha Awardees - 2016 of their District on a particular date and venue and distribute the tabs duly taking Aadhaar authentication through Biometric devices supplied to schools as was done for cycle distribution.
            Therefore all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to receive the TABS allotted to their Districts from the firm and verify that all the TABS are in Good condition and submit compliance alongwith the acknowledgement of Awardees without fail.
Sdj- K. Sandhya Rani
Commissioner of School Education
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